Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crafty Saturday

I had to be awake at the crack of dawn for another company to come look at the heating system in my apartment, but I tend to actually wake up in the morning these days anyway.  What this did do was get my but up and moving.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Up Coming Projects

There is a teeny bit of costuming involved.

My first set of projects that I sort of started last weekend but due to my Epstien Barr acting up and lack of heat/hot water in my apartment I wound up not really getting going on is making throw pillow covers. The covers will make there way to my new Etsy store. All covers will be 14x14. I am currently prepped to work on two Star Wars, two Mario & Friends, and two Sleeping My Little Ponies.  Hopefully, I will conquer some this weekend.

My following project, which I am more excited about (because it involved a bit of science in a way), is creating my own bath bombs!  I stumbled on a random tutorial last night and I am glad I got that one first because the rest that I saw were not nearly as good.  I am actually almost set with all my ingredients except I need to order citric acid and castor oil online. I could use olive oil or coconut oil but I am very curious about this castor oil and the benefits of it. They is also a substitute of cream of tartar for the citric acid but that removes the chemical reaction and pretty much makes the bath bomb pointless.

I spent some time today picking up the proper supplies.  I went with peppermint oil for scent (soap scents), and I picked up coloring intended for soap making. Many tutorials say to use food coloring, but I am Leary about dying myself.  I seriously almost forgot to buy the salt. 

So I have exactly three (and ONLY three) costumes planed for this year.

The first on being Ant Lucias Bombshell Black Canary. This idea was birthed at the 2015 NYCC.  It's was an idea to hopefully to a mini Bombshell group with friends of mine. I love the design and I am excited to get into it.

The other two costumes are for JemCon and Pony Fair. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Saved a Dog Today

I took off from work today to get car maintenance done. I thought it was going to take a few hours. It only took 30 minutes.

On my way home I took a lazy longer way home because why not?  I wasn't in a rush.  On the back road I saw a beautiful golden retriever wandering around loose on the road. Some owners around here do not leash their dogs but on a quick look I didn't see any humans near by so I pulled over as did two other cars. One drove off quickly.

The man behind me was trying to direct the dog down a driveway he thought he saw her come out of but I had already seen her just wandering about.  So I was pretty sure that might not be her home.  When I came towards them and motioned to the dog she came right to me. Super friendly and thankfully she did have a collar with a tag!  So important!  However, this tag only had the dogs name, the owners full name, and the owners phone number. I called twice, left a message, and text messaged.

Once I called the man asked if I was okay with the dog and left but another girl showed up with a leash.  Sooooo helpful!  Let me tell you this Goldie wanted to roam about. I haven't walked dogs in a long time so she was pulling me all over but I was still keeping her with in a certain area. I was letting her pull me about. After all, she isn't my dog.

The other girl and I hung out for a good 30 minutes discussing what we could do for the dog besides just knocking on random doors until we went over to her car and Lea (the dog) saw she had a dog in her car.  Lea wanted to play so she started jumping around a bit and barking. 

Shortly after, someone in the street calls out Lea and I am like "omg is this your dog?" As I cross a busy street and am taking the leash off the owner calls me back distraught. Thankfully because Lea barked her Aunt came looking for her 

It was an interesting morning but it was uplifting and I can't say I didn't mind hanging out with a friendly dog for a half an hour.

The owner was so thankful. I am just happy to have been there. I am normally at work. 

Afterwards I stopped and picked up two leashes to keep in my car in case anything like this happens again.  

It sort of happened in my neighborhood once.  I came home and two little pugs were taking a walk down my road. I got one in my back yard and the second one I was calling the number as I was bringing him in and the owner was already looking.  This is why I got two, but I did decided on a medium and large. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Letting Go and Hanging On

I am truly struggling along to remain in good spirits and I am trying very hard. 

A few days ago I was thinking back to a few years ago when I discussed on here my enjoyment of the daily email The Daily Love.  I have long unsubscribed, because I healed so much but in so little time I fell so far.

Truth be told, I am still really messed up from being dumped by a tacky outlet in a distasteful manner and then insulted to boot.  I am.  Very much so.  Reality is, I think for the first time, I actually let myself enjoy another person and I normally don't do that.  It's was scary when it was happening and I should have known better and that's really all I keep telling myself.  I can't stop telling myself it's my fault, but it's not really.  Anyway, we attempted the "friend" route recently and while I was okay with this because I realize that mess is not a mess I personally want other then to be around once in awhile.  I realized this week the person makes for a poor friend as well and I decided to let that go, because why continue being hurt by the same person?

My point to that is, somewhere along the way I stopped letting go of those doing me harm.  I had let them go, but I stopped paying attention to those entering my life so I could boot them back out.  People who emotionally harm me tend to shatter me and I have to do everything I can to keep them away.  I did serious work cutting many people out earlier last year and here I am.

In the meantime, I am continuing to heal by furthering my work on My Little Pony restores and general collecting, spending time talking with friends, making plans, painting, and most of all returning to static trapeze.  I kid you not, my doctor is thrilled I am back in the air, both because she loves to bug her patients about excersize (which does aid anxiety) and I also think she enjoys having a patient that does trapeze.

I will pull through this weird funk I am in.  I am not sure when but it will happen.  I keep saying if the twig on my fence can hang on, so can I.  The twig has been on my fence for 11 weeks through rain, wind, and now snow.  It was still there this morning.

I can do this.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Grocery Shopping with Ally

Recently I have realized I am more passionate about food then I thought. While I don't always eat the best, I well educated about the food industry and nutrition.

This is mostly thanks to my job in last four years where we have spent ample time discussing sodium content, sugar content, specific diets, GMOs, HFCS, organics, food labeling, processed foods, clean eating, and such.  I am not a nutritionist and I am not a dietician but I do work with them and learn a lot from them.  I also could never give anyone specifics on a particular diet type.  I do know how to eat healthy and this is where I can but heads with people.

I have been a vegetarian for two and a half years and I found the transition easy but it's something I have always wanted to do and not for animal rights oddly. I just don't like eating meat. I never did. Even when I did eat meat it was mostly chicken and a burger sometimes. I was never big into meat. But I have evolved into a semi strict veggie. I do eat eggs and fish but rarely.  I won't eat anything with chicken or beef stock in it. I know some veggies that do. I also don't have a problem with others eating meat though I prefer they chose organic humane meats but that's up to them.

My new venture is organic GMO free. Why? Because I recently learned what GMOs are. There are two GMOs. One is an actual pesticide. The other is a modified seed where the crop produces its own pesticide. I am not okay with that. I am not okay with the off chance off eating a pesticide. I also don't agree with the articles claiming they are safe. I question who ran those tests and who paid for them.  So now I am going organic.

But I keep hearing "I want to but organic is so much more expensive."  It's really not though. So I am taking you shopping. Granted my shopping trip is small. It's for just me and it's mostly lunch for two weeks but you get the idea.

I typically start in the produce aisle deciding if I am up for fruit or veggies. Lately I have been on a carrot kick.  No surprise the organic carrots and the regular carrots are the same price.

I have always been a banana snob and stuck with organic swearing by the taste but being out of season I skipped them and apples.

My lunches are usually based in quinoa pasta, beans, peas,a dressing, and sometimes seasonings. 

My pasta which is a tad more expensive but the label is ridiculously clean. This one is a tricolor. The non tricolor is corn flour and quinoa flour only.  I get 5 servings out of this. 
This is a regular pasta

Honestly, the regular pasta isn't a bad label but for kicks check out the macaroni and cheese labels. 

On the left is Beloved Kraft and on the right us GMO free Annie's. I have fallen for many Annie's products but my favorite is there Parmesean Mac and Cheese. So good!  But comparing the labels, you can see a lot less ingredients and fillers in Annie's not to mention less calories when prepared.


When I buy beans, I always buy low sodium. Always. This is a no sodium added which until yesterday I didn't know existed. Growing up, we had a sodium allergy in the house. So I didn't grow up on loads on salt but in canned beans they add LOADS of salt to the cans. Check them and be amazed.  Also, always wash canned beans. Always. 

Organic Frozen Veggies
They exist!

So the frozen organic veggies do cost a tad more at $2.99 but it's not much.  My grip with the organic veggies is the lack of variety but I expect to see that change in the coming years. Also I am sure if I went to Whole Foods I would have a wider selection. 

I can't comment on organic meat. I am also sure my examples are small in comparison to other products where the cost is quite difference is substantial but it is doable to an extent.  I am also sure it depends on the resources available to you. 

One thing I know that is more expensive, organic eggs. Ugh.

Some other clean labels from my fridge.

Target Simply Cashew Butter

Palmer Blueberry Jam (my favorite!!!) no added sugar... Because why does jam need added sugar?

If you have any interest in learning about GMOs you can check out the film OMG GMO.

If you want to know more about Nutrition, labeling, and pretty much everything wrong with the food industry check out the film Fed Up.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Rough Start

My goodness has it been a rough start to the year.

So I spent New Years sick and I am still not 100%. On New Years Day, I noticed something funny was up with my car when I left a store.  I immediately realized I had a bad battery. So I wound up having my cars battery replaced. Still better then breaking down.

The following day, my laptop starts having issues. At the moment, it's hanging out after its factory reset. The touchpad is not operating properly and I purchased a mouse to see if I can override it. Sigh.

The next day, I went back to trapeze and had an amazing class. However a good 30 minutes in I kicked the trapeze bar which means I have been hobbling around all week and the end of Sunday I was in so much pain I was quite teary. I am extremely amazing at being independent but there is something about barely being able to walk that makes me really want someone there.

Yesterday was pretty off also. My phone decided to crash and burn for an hour or so. I texted my boss and while waiting for her response the phone faded to black like normal but I could not get it to come back on.  While doing laundry, I kept messing with it. I trying resetting it like the old iPods many times and it finally turned back on. However, I went for my upgrade anyway. I didn't realize the cost of upgrading was so much easier now. I doubt I will wait so long again. 

Here's hoping the worst of it is over!  I am so done with the bad stuff. I have been a sobbing sniffly mess all week.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Have you ever ever had a fandom ruined by dating?

Boy have I.

I seem to manage to find people with insane obsessive fandom that it completely sucks all the fun of fandom out for me.

Doctor Who was killed in a matter of only one date. I am not kidding.  Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who... Doctor No.  Stop. Wait what?  I am sorry, Doctor Who fandom is better then all other fandoms?  Doctor Who people are better?  Sorry no. Goodbye. 

Batman has been forever ruined. I actually used to really enjoy Batman but not since The Dark Knight.

Making my Jem cosplay was nearly destroyed because of a weird dating experience.  Let's just say a person kept making my costume about them which really made me not want to make it.  It's also probably why I have only worn it once. 

I have other weird things ruined. Odd fandoms.

Anyone else?  Sound off... 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

NYC Birthday Adventures

This year I returned to good old Manhattan for my birthday weekend and this time it was pretty darn awesome.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday but yesterday started off with a good old fashioned heart to heart that went quite well.  Then I traveled to the city and navigated through drunk Santas and elves (because the dreaded SantaCon) to finally pick up point back rhinestones. Yes!

Then I watched a drunk Santa make a fool of himself getting tangled in a line. Bahaha.  Then off to the subway to meet up with one of my besties, change, hit the road for the village, eat, and see a show!

So I had not eaten. We got to Delancy and Essex thinking that I will look for food on the way to the show. However, across the street was Roma Pizza!  Which probably means nothing to most people including New Yorkers. The fact that I am excited about it might boggle done New Yorkers.  So from 2003 until 2005 I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and on 27th between 7th and 8th on the west side of 27th was Roma Pizza. When I went to FIT I ate at Roma's all the time. Then it because a nail salon. Now I am not sure what it is. So I was over the moon to eat at Roma's. They even had the brick decor.  Ha!

So the show was at the amazing Slipper Room. If you are over 21 I highly recommend it.  It's a burlesque house. Oh yeah. The show we saw had static trapeze, hammock, sword swallowing, hula hoop burlesque, and some pretty amazing burlesque/go go dancers.

The midnight show had even better burlesque.  We only stayed for half but they had a beautiful doubles lyra performance and a man performing balancing and contortion while hula hooping. It was amazing. He was amazing. I always say the male acrobats are the real powerhouses. They are just a sight.

I did go out in my pink Jem wig. I also have my new Jemstar earrings on but you can't see them.  Why not have fun for your birthday. 

Suckered Cap Santiago into a candle picture. Man bestie. It's my birfday come here let me shove a candle in your face. ��