Monday, June 20, 2011

Wizard World Philadelphia

Well I just got back from Wizard World Philadelphia and it has sparked a new blog.  That's a success right there.  A few years back, I used to go to both WW Philly and NYCC, but in the last few years I have only been able to attend NYCC.  So I was thrilled when my friends Victoria and Brian offered me a place to stay, along with two other cosplayers.  Not only that but because of cosplaying Vicki got us all in comped.  Somehow I wound up with a guest pass instead of the artist pass, but I am not complaining.

The one thing I have always loved about the Philadelphia show is that its smaller then NYCC.  It makes encounters with celebrities and creators more intimate when there isn't a crowd staring into the back of your head wishing you to get on with it.  Don't get me wrong I love my NY show, but Philly is much different in a smaller laid back way.  They seem to have cut down on their VIP packages, opting to more autograph experiences then product.  Had I purchased a VIP ticket I think that is actually a good move.  The old VIP packages were great but many items were recycled from previous shows, I wound up with duplicates, and of course it's more for me to carry around.  With autograph experiences there is no fear of lugging around a large bag of goodies!  We all like goodies but I like them more when I don't have to carry them around all day long.

I was also very excited about my comped ticket when I saw the line!  I went to the show all three days and on Friday the line was wrapping around the building at 12 noon.  That's pretty early for a Friday and a good sign for Wizard.  I felt a little sheepish walking past the line and right in, but it's better then waiting and my costume gave me an edge.  This was the first time I have had a pass for any show and it was wonderful.

For Friday I went as my standby Robin costume that I purchased last year for a flying trapeze show.  That costume has been through a lot and is a crowd pleaser.  All the little kids love it.  So much so I am hoping to make a more accurate costume sometime in the future as this one was store bought and gets quite hot because metallic spandex does not breath.  It also does not last as the shiny metallic surface rubs off exposing a completely different color.  It's like magic fabric, because you never know what color is under there, blue can turn yellow apparently.

Friday's show was great.  I did my usual rounds and chatted with crew at Zenescope as well as a few artists I enjoy.  I picked up a lot of new art for my walls, which I am eager to put up.  Friday evening we were invited to dinner with Eric "Smoke" Moran and his friends and family which included JG Jones (Final Crisis) and John Schneider.  The food was a wonderful Asian Latin Fusion and very spicy at Swanky Bubbles.  I got a bite of what had to be a habenero pepper and I was done for the evening.  We all went back to the apartment and fell asleep right away.  Con's are so exhausting.

Saturday, was more complicated.  I was very excited about my Bo Peep costume.  Also store bought, but its definitely what Al Rio used for reference on the Grimms: 2010 Las Vegas Annual and I was so ready to share it.  The outfit was much more revealing then what I would normally wear, but I tend to feel a bit more comfortable at these shows.  Two negative things happened Saturday and I almost left the show because of them. One involved a very rude vendor that made me feel quite degraded and the other being me attempting to use the ATM I had used on Friday and security kicked me out of the area.  I wound up crying and attempted to leave the show.

I was just about on the escalator when a man grabbed me and asked if I was okay and that I was too pretty to be crying.  My goal was to get out and crying in public can be rather embarrassing.  I walked across Arch Street to the bank.  The girl who had been with the man that grabbed me was on her way to the bank too.  It was pretty clear I had no idea who he was so she informed me that it was Daniel Logan from Star Wars that had stopped me on the escalator.  I don't go to these shows to see the celebrities.  I go for the comics.  I have seen all the Star Wars movies and I enjoy them, but I wouldn't call myself a big fan.  So I really had no idea who Dan was.

That moment changed my outlook on the day.  So I decided to eat and at the very least go back in and say hi to my friends and thank Daniel Logan.  Who again found me before I found him.  From this point on the show was great.  I spent a lot of time with Raven Gregory and eBas.  They live so far away and they are both busy working creators that I barely get to talk to them.  So it was really nice to have the time to chat for a change.

Just before the show was closing I met a trading card dealer.  I have quite a collection myself and collections always get out of hand.  So I had brought a lot with me hoping I might be able to sell them.  Turns out one of the sets I have sells for $300.  It took me a very long time to put that set together too.  I didn't sell it, but I did sell quite a few others to him to following day.  The icing on my Philly trip.

That was Philly for me.  It could have been better but unfortunately Wizard can't control the actions of the vendors.

I do think they could have more signs outside directing people to the show.  Being in a costume I was able to help direct people from the older hall to the new one.  I barely saw staff outside directing and no signs for direction either.  I don't think it takes that much to have some print outs made that can be posted on the old building.  I do realize it was very hot out and staff people might have been tough.

I was also a little disappointed in Zenescope.  While I was very happy to see Raven and Eric, this was the first year I was able to really come out of my shell and meet new creators and I was looking forward to the after party being that Philly in their hometown, and there was none.  I guessed I missed that opportunity a few years back.  Well, there is always next year.

Here are some photos from the show...
Vicki and me

Sarah Fo

Bob sketched me will I was waiting around texting by his table.  :o)

I wouldn't mind cosplaying x-23

With John Schneider at Swanky's

With Smoke and JG Jones at Swanky's

Me as Sela/Bo Peep with Raven Gregory.  I never got a shot with eBas.

Gotta love Wolverine

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