Saturday, July 9, 2011

Angry Comic Fans + Better Sales = Happy Companies

I was looking through some posts at Lets Be Friends Again and back in May they posted this article Are Angry Comic Book Fans Better for Sales? .  This is exactly what I was getting at in my post earlier this week about the SDCC DC Reboot Protest.  The angrier the fans are about the comics, the better it is for the company so they want to release issues that will upset fans.  It's more press.  I think one of the reasons I didn't see Thor in the theaters was because not only did I not hear much bad press but I didn't hear anything and I forgot about it.  We tend to always harp on the bad and not the good whether it be comic related, a tv show, a movie, personal experiences, etc.  So if a comic company produces something that upsets the fans, the fans will get their voices heard.  DC hears the complaints loud and clear and are most likely happy about it.  The complaints are keeping them in the news.  They want upset fans.

I am more of an apathetic fan.  Always have been and always will be.  If I don't like where a series is headed I usually stop reading it or I will mumble about it to friends.  Maybe subconsciously that's because I was schooled in marketing and I know word of mouth is the most powerful ad campaign.  Word of mouth is not easy.  It's not like playing telephone.  For it to work the best it has to be a loud and powerful message, and for comics the word of mouth comes from upset fans.  If I don't like something I won't spread the word so publicly because I am just harming my cause.  It's okay to be upset.  It happens.  But to be publicly upset and looking for a change is counterproductive.

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