Friday, July 15, 2011

Captain America Overload!

Four New Movie Clips from I won't be watching these because I do not want to spoil the movie for myself like I have in the past, but no sense keeping the info to myself.  :o)

Behind the Scenes Featurettes -  more Captain from Marvelous News.

Captain America and Scarlett Witch Tonner Dolls -  Well you know with any "big" movie Tonner is going be popping out a set of beautiful dolls.  Though I have to say, unmasked the Cap looks kind of funny.  Though I have never seen a male doll look truly masculine and right.  Masked he looks pretty darn good.  And I completely forgot about the Cap and Scarlett Witch... thank you for ruining that for me Tonner.  Could be worse though right?  Any thoughts?

Oh, has anyone had any of the Captain America donuts at Dunkin Donuts?  They look tasty and I think I might try to pick one up this weekend.  Something about a star shaped donut just reels me right on in.  I haven't tried the drinks... alas they do not offer dairy free drinks at Dunkin Donuts so I tend to avoid them.  :(  Though some day's I wish I could have a Coolatta.

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