Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cherry's on the Bay

This post has nothing to do with Cosplay or Comic's, but more about a tiring week, fun friends, and my favorite circus freaks!  I love being a circus freak as do my circus friends.  :o)

I didn't post much during this week because I was really busy with doctors appointments.  Most of my week was spent with split shifts at work because I had doctors appointments at the most inconvenient times.  I usually make 4pm appointments in case I get stuck sitting around, but that just was not possible so I had to go into work leave for a few hours and then come back.  Making my work week an extremely long one.  If I haven't responded to emails, phone calls or text messages is really because I am just too exhausted, but I am reading them.

Captain America Doughnut.  Oh yea!
Anyway, yesterday my friends James and Andrea treated me to a fun day out at Cherry's on the Bay.  I had never been to Fire Island before and my only quip was not really seeing more of Fire Island, but it was a lot of fun anyway.  I highly suggest taking a trip out there.  It's relatively inexpensive (unless you lose your wallet at the bar), a nice getaway, and everyone is very friendly.  But before we left I got my grubby little hands on a Captain America doughnut!  It was pretty tasty.  Not normally my style of doughnut, since it has that super sweet frosting and is jelly filled (definitely not a fan of the jelly filled doughnut).  Enjoyable though and I liked that I didn't miss this comic treat.

Here are some fun pictures from Cherry's and a video I edited from one of Andrea's three lyra performances.  :o)

Andrea doing what I know as a back star on lyra.
On the ferry coming out of Sayville

I love these balloons

Stilt walker on the dock and he juggles too!

Andrea and me.

Beautiful sunset at the end of an awesome day.

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