Thursday, July 7, 2011

IDW: Womanthology

This just looks and sounds awesome!  An all female comic anthology with female creators of all ages from beginners to professionals.  They just went live with kickstarter at 6pm and have already gained 88 backers and almost $6,000 in pledges in just over four hours!  This is something to be a part of and a project I will be following.

I don't know many female creators and I actually don't know any of work form the professionals attached to the project.  I am a sad excuse for a female.  Okay I have heard of Gail Simone but am not familiar with her work.  Ugh... oh well.  This will be an excellent book for some creator education.  :o)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention 100% of the proceeds are being donated to the Global Giving Foundation!

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  1. Correction... kickstarter posted at 8pm eastern time and it's 11 now... 103 backers and $7,000 pledges... this book is going exceed the goal in NO time.


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