Friday, July 15, 2011

June Sales Statistics and the impact of the DC 52 Relauch

June Sales and the DC Relaunch Impact - Newsarama

So I am a buyer for the food service department of a hospital by day and through the last four years on being in this position I have come to LOVE numbers.  So much that I can figure things out statistic-wise in a flash.  So I find these figures pretty interesting.  Though the article is right.  You can't predict whether or not the DC Relaunch announcement made an impact or not yet.  Being that all the orders for June were in prior to the announcement.  It will be interesting the see the July figures.  I am also not surprised that Marvel topples DC in both retail sales and dollars spent and also top books.  I am not surprised to see Aspen completely vacant from the list as they barely release anything.  I am surprised to see Zenescope so low, but at the same time not so much considering who is above them and the amount of titles they have.  Anyway, it's something interesting to check out.

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