Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marvel TV: Mockingbird and more

Bobbi Morse
ICv2 - ‘Mockingbird’ Added to Marvel TV Roster

I can't lie. The idea of this really makes me happy. Mockingbird is a character I don't know well and since I haven't been reading much Marvel outside of X-23 I forgot about her. Shame on me. Though in the past, I have read some mini series with her in it. I think being reminded of her just got me excited, because what I have read of her I have loved. I love that she has no superpowers but is an amazing trained agent prior to being given the super serum. My hope is that it is not cheesy like the new Wonder Woman was looking (sorry). I had hopes Wonder Woman could be good, but the clips I have seen set superhero TV back the early 90's and I realize they clips were not finished. But can't we have a realistic female superhero without the cheese? Wonder Woman, to me, is an ideal female image of a superhero but not realistic or TV adaptable. Maybe Bobbie Morse can fill this void? It's worth a shot. My fingers are crossed.

But I am afraid Marvel might over-saturate the public in comics, if it isn't happening already.  They have four live action TV Series in development at the moment The Hulk, Cloak and Dagger, AKA Jessica Jones, and now Mockingbird as well.  All of these (minus The Hulk) sound new and interesting to me.  All characters fairly new to me and I like that Cloak and Dagger are in New Orleans post Katrina.  I am enjoying everything I am reading about Cloak and Dagger.

And Jessica Jones will feature Carol Danvers? I am not sure how TV will be able to portray Ms. Marvel since she really is more of a special effects type of character.  In my eyes, she is very similar to Supergirl.  Ms. Marvel was actually the very first series I read when I started reading comics.  So I have a soft spot for Carol, but I am not sure she is fit for TV without looking cheesy.

Of course I was not at SDCC for these announcements so I have not heard the full pitches.  I am excited, but I am praying we don't wind up with another No Ordinary Family.

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