Friday, July 15, 2011

That's a pretty Shiny Spidy if you ask me...

Shiny Spidy
New Movie Images From 'The Amazing Spider-Man' - Marvel -

So I just saw this pop up on my news feed and how can I not comment.

Now I am not a big Spiderman fan. In comics, especially group hero comics like Avengers, he annoys me with his constant banter. I did enjoy the Spiderman Love Mary Jane Series and Spiderman Blue. I also enjoy the movies, even though I watched them prior to knowing much of anything about actual comics.

So I am looking at these pictures and I can't help but say no I don't like the costume or the wrist web shooter. The costume is shiny and I don't remember Spider-Man ever being shiny and slick. Why does Spider-Man need to look wet? I also think the reflective eyes are a bit much. Why can't they just be black like they are in the books (or the ones I have read anyway). To me the costume looks like a break from Spider-Mans actual costume because the designer wanted to outdo the previous Spider-Man movie costume, which just seems counterproductive and an eye sore. I get that is a "web" fabric which could be okay, if it were not shiny.  Other then that I do love the design.  Go figure... all I have to comment on is the costume.

The wrist web shooter makes Peter Parker look like more of a vigilante with expensive toys then a hero with unique "quirks" shall we say. They also look like upside down watches and I would think they would "in the real world" inhibit movement in the wrist. Not very awesome for someone swinging from webs. I would think he might need full movement of those wrists. But what do I know. :o)

Oh and doesn't Emma Stone look like the perfect Gwen Stacy????

What do you think?

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