Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Official Spider-Man Trailer

Well... while I hope for a good Spider-Man film, this trailer does not look promising.  I am not sure why Marvel is restarting Peter Parker's story.  I am very confused as to why they would not continue working beyond the movies they have already produced instead of starting back at the beginning.  I get that it's a completely different story, but as someone who does not follow Spider-Man it just seems silly to me.  Even without the original cast they could have kept on with the storyline (or would it have been too big of a challenge for a company popping movies out like toasted bread).

The trailer does nothing for me.  No excitement there at all.  No action.  Nothing.  The CGI at the end kills any remaining hopes this had of gaining my interest.  It looks more like a video game then a movie and a poorly made one.


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