Sunday, July 31, 2011

Personal Reaction to the movie Friends With Benefits... Spoiler Alert

Friday night two of my girl friends and I went to see "Friends with Benefits."  It wasn't my pick, but the movie was actually very funny even though I would have strongly preferred to not see it at this time.  I went because hey it's not about what I want to see, it's about seeing some friends and having some laughs.

I did really like the movie.  I think it was better then No Strings Attached by far.  The moment where Ashton and Natalie get back to together practically killed me in the theater and I was embarrassed for Ashton and the ridiculously cheesy line he put out there.  Friends with Benefits has no moments in it like that, not that I picked up on.

My reason for not wanting to see this film right now is because it was too close for comfort still.  I learned my lesson about these kinds of relationships the hard way.  It was very painful and it still is.  A few of the heartbreaking lines JT throws at Mila was like daggers flying back out and through me again.  I knew going into it that this film has the possibility to mimic a part of my life I don't want to repeat and I am not ready to watch, but that is also what makes it a better film then No Strings Attached.  It's not that Justin says the exact same words but they are very similar in many ways.  The difference being instead of keeping it in and walking away like Mila does.  I freaked out, big time.  I am still very upset about it.  The idea that someone I called a friend could hurt me so much and say so many hurtful things kills me.  I let him know it ten fold and I won't ever call him a friend again.  Moral of that story is this kind of relationship does not work.  They don't have happy endings and it ruins friendships.  No matter how much women think we can handle it the cuddle hormone will always ruin our will.  Always.  And it is different for men and women, we are not equal here.  The only women this can work for (as I read recently) is possibly the newly divorced, something I have never been.  So don't go thinking it can work just because it does on the big screen.  Just for the record I never wanted a relationship with this person, I didn't then and I don't now.

My gut reaction to this movie was very similar to my reaction to The Break Up.  I saw The Break Up in theaters and I loved it and laughed so much that I bought it on DVD.  When I was going through a very tough break up I was staying at a friends house and taking movies in and out of storage to occupy myself and keep less things at my friends home.  One day I decided to watch The Break Up because of the laughing part.  Bad move.  I didn't laugh at all, it did nothing but make me cry because much of it mimicked what I was going through at the time.  I haven't watched it since, but I still own it.  Maybe I should put that one on

I do think in time I will watch the Friends With Benefits again.  It was funny and I did like it.  It was just painful to watch right now.

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