Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SDCC DC Relaunch Protest?

So by now if you know of comics you have probably heard about the DC Relaunch and a lot of disgruntle fans.  Personally, I am excited about the relaunch.  I like that DC is trying to do something new and reinvent themselves.  Do they really need to reinvent themselves?  Maybe not.  If it succeeds or fails is yet to be determined.

What I don't understand is all the uproar.  Of course as with anything when a change is about to happen people won't be happy about it.  I get that.  But why organize a protest against something you can't stop from happening.  The reality is when the announcement of the relaunch came about it wasn't in passing.  It's going to happen and a protest will not change that.  Obviously a lot of time has already been exhausted into recreating DC's world from new/old casting, new costume designs, and new story lines.  I would bet the first few issues are ready for publishing.  These kinds of announcements are not made on a whim.  If they have good staffing, they have already weighed the risks of upset fans and they are well aware of them.  So what can you hope to accomplish with a protest?

The only way fans can hope to change this is by not reading or buying the relaunch material.  However, you then have people like me.  I am not attached to the previous story lines.  In fact, I know nothing about the DC Universe other then basic characters and I have yet to find a character I can really follow.  I am hoping the relaunch helps people like me gain an interest in the DC Universe.  I am not shy about saying how much I dislike the typical superhero story.  I like stories I haven't heard before, with twists and individuality.  Superhero stories rarely provide that for me.  This is why I have leaned towards Marvel, Top Cow, Aspen, and Zenescope.  They give me more unique stories.  So please give me something to enjoy DC.  Something fresh and new with depth.

I hope they are doing the right thing for the company.  Wouldn't it be interesting if the relaunch is such a success that the protesters actually wind up liking it?  And hey if the new books don't sell we all probably have about six months to get through until they wind up doing a retro launch.  :)


I am not sure I agree staging a protest at SDCC is a the best place for it.  Only because it's a good way to get ejected from the show and then what have you accomplished?  I do agree that these protesters would be more effective inside the show talking to the staff at DC either at panels or their booth.  Maybe I am just not ANGRY enough to understand.  Oh well.

 I give DC a big applause for generating so much press because of this relaunch.  Good press and bad press... press is press and I haven't heard so much about them since never actually... and now I thought of what the protest will accomplish!  More press for DC!  Generating more interest by people that don't follow DC and will probably pick up a few copies to see what the fuss is about.  So when you really think about it this protest will actually do exactly opposite of what these fans would like it to do.  Sorry to break it to you.  Uproar and bad press is what made Eminem a superstar, among others.

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