Monday, July 18, 2011

Sucker Punch - Spoiler Alert

I watched Sucker Punch last night.  Originally, I was all set to see this is the theaters but my movie friends backed out and I let time slip away.  I am very happy I didn't see this in the theater. 

It's one of those films that I can't really put into words what I didn't like about it, because a part of me wants to like it.  I loved the actors and the actresses.  I like action films.  I like the genre and the twisted concept.  The story was okay, but like my friend said the execution was not.  The actual "fight" scenes killed me.  I felt like I was watching a video game and I don't understand how a stab to the eye takes out a armed giant with such ease.  That fight scene reminded me of 1998's Brave Fencer Musashi (one of the very few games I have played and finished).

I do get it.  It was all altered mental states, but they were all vastly different and not connected well.  I was also a bit disappointed they did not show the girls dances.  It's so hard to comment on this film because it really left me confused.

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