Monday, July 4, 2011

ULC Ordination Emails and Positive Words.

Last weekend I spend Saturday lounging in bed all day and surfing the net.  It was right after New York voted gay marriage legal in our state (and I am very proud of NY for it).  So as I was surfing the net I wound up at a Christian Seminary site.  I started looking at what the qualifications are to become ordained.  The first site I was at was strictly Christian and cost some cash to keep your "license."  I was born a Christian but I don't follow it.  I prefer leaving my religion open and uncommitted for the meantime but I lean towards a pagan view of religion.  So this Christian site was definitely not for me. 

I got to thinking about how my girlfriend was recently married in a non-denominational church.  So there has to be a non-denominational ordinance.  I wound up on an about or how to page which directed me to the Universal Life Church.  Definitely the place for me as they cater to all religions and oddly enough it costs nothing but 1 minute of your time and an email to become ordained.  Now even though I entered my info on a whim (and I do not plan on preforming any ceremonies) I do question how legit this site is.  It appears the money that goes into ordination is in the supplies.  So if I were to marry a couple I would have to pay for the paperwork and buy an ID card (for NYS). 

So I started receiving these emails for Revered Alisha which is very strange to hear and among them are ones like this one I received today.

Hello Alisha,

You know that annoying little voice that rambles on in your head sometimes?

The one that tells you bad things about yourself?

The one that makes you doubt yourself or apologize for being who you are?

I have news for you.......... It's wrong. Very wrong.

Never apologize for being who you are. You are amazing and wonderful from the inside out.


Now how cool is that?  Something about it just makes me feel really good and I am a huge advocate of uplifting quotes and positive encouragement.  It really makes me feel like I found the right site for me.  One of these days when I have time I might sign up for one of their courses which has to be how they make money.  I mean becoming ordained has to be a little more complicated then clicking a button right?

I just didn't expect emails such as this one and I really like them.

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