Monday, July 4, 2011

While I am at it...

Check out the blog of my fellow flying and static trapeze friend Wendy!  She posts about all things pop culture in her life and is definitely a good time.  Leave her some love.  Oh Wendy, I do hope we get to work on some static soon... it's been much too long.

Oh and let me add that Wendy gives some awesome makeup advice.  In fact just today I asked her about high-end eyeliners because I only know Target brands and well their eyeliners don't work for me.  She also turned me onto Sally Hansen Salon Effects which I tried out at Wizard World Philly this year.  They chipped for me, but I think I might have messed up those nails since they chipped more from the cuticle then the end of the nail... they also took a lot of effort to get off, but maybe it's because I had the glitter ones.  And I think we all know glitter nail polish does not like to come off!  My next nail trial will be OPI's crackle polish.  I am an Essie girl as heart but I like the sound of this polish.

Wendy's Blog

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