Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Wonder Woman TV Pilot

Superpodcasto: The Full Wonder Woman TV Pilot

After all of the reviews I have read and the very few clips I had seen up until now, I really did not think I would like this pilot one bit, but I do.  Surprisingly I do.  Granted it has it's cheesy moments and the whole script is cliche NYPD story but a with a superhero.  Just goes to show how other peoples opinions shape our own and also how low expectations can make anything wonderful.

I love when she goes off about the doll having a completely unrealistic figure that is nothing like her own.  Go Wonder Woman!

The acting was okay considering the script wasn't anything phenomenal.  I was surprised to see Elizabeth Hurley.  I make a habit of not reading too much about movies or shows before I see them so I don't ruin the surprises.

I didn't like that I felt as though I was watching a scaled down Witchblade.  A series I did watch in it's entirety and I own so I can watch it again.  I didn't like this because it made me feel as though I am watching something I have already seen which is pretty much what I was watching. 

I am not a fan of her costume.  I do not understand why costume designers are obsessed with shiny costumes.  Some shine is fine, but this one is over kill and the plastic belt and head piece were killing me.

I also did not like that Wonder Woman is warned of breaking the law and breaks the law anyway but in the end she winds up being praised for it and not dealing with any consequences.  That is a dream world and one that sends a very poor message to children.  Break the law but as long as you are doing something good you will be rewarded.  The world doesn't work like that and I don't think this its the message Wonder Woman wants to convey.  I mean she doesn't want young girls playing with an unrealistic body type doll or have children harmed (as she says relentlessly), but it's completely okay to break an entry and kill people without remorse? 

Of course it's a very tough pilot to watch.  The feed is not that great, ads pop up every five minutes, and the pilot was never "finished."  The special effects have not been added and there is still notes on the screen for editing.  So it's tough to judge fairly, but what I can say is this did make me want to go out and pick up Wonder Woman book or check out the previous TV show.

I also think that this looks like a show suited for the WB, not NBC.

What do you think?

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