Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Wonderland Bathroom

"It would be so nice if something made sense for a change" - Alice

Every since I was little I have always loved Alice in Wonderland.  The fact that I have always adored my Aunt Alice and it was always one of her favorites as well just made me adore it more.  So it's not much of a surprise when I say Zenescopes Wonderland Trilogy is what got me into reading comics.

In my last serious relationship my then boyfriend and I moved into a fancy new family home that we pretty much got to gut and remodel.  I am pretty creative and I like a loud color palette.  The downstairs was designed by another family member and while pretty all the rooms resembled each other in the same shades of rust, mustard, and sage.  I always liked this short story I had read in high school about a masquerade ball and each room the narrator traveled into was a different color and a whole new experience.  I am ashamed to say I cannot remember the author but I believe it was either Poe or Salinger and if someone else knows please tell me.

The second floor was ours to play with and everything on this floor was a collaboration between myself and my then boyfriend except the one room where I got to let go and do something bold and completely different from anywhere else in the house.  The half bath.

What was great about it being the upstairs half bath was that everyone coming in the house could experience it and it was not overwhelming.  I turned my very small area into my own Wonderland.  The walls were originally going to be blood red but the space was very small and I didn't want a dark colored wall to make it look even smaller, so the walls wound up being a shockingly bright red.  The molding and accents were in a chocolate brown and the floor tile looked like wooden floor planks (as a Victorian bathroom in Lewis Carroll's story would have had).  To be honest picking the floor tile was an awful process because I could care less about tile but I also didn't want to just put anything down.  I wanted it to work for the room.  The pedestal sink and the toilet had a Victorian flare.  All of the hardware in the room was made to look like flowers, leaves, and nature and all a beautiful chocolate color, especially the mirror.  I made a point to find the right mirror.  The mirror is so important to the Wonderland story.

The main attraction to the little room was the mural I had painted.  I wanted this room to incorporate all different takes of Wonderland and for the mural I went with an image of Disney's Alice crouching down to open the door.  Painting was a lot of fun and very ambitious for me.  I remember my first few strokes on the wall and thinking "I hope I don't screw this up, and if I do we can paint over it."

The mural itself was traced on to the wall from a large print with carbon paper.  I believe I inked it with a sharpie marker, but I inked as I went because the carbon smears.  The mural came out so great I was set to do a second one that never happened.  In one corner of that bathroom is a closet and above the closet I was going to paint the Cheshire Cat but I never got to paint it.  The only thing I would have changed about my Alice painting would be to have pushed her more towards the sink and a little higher off the floor.  Higher off the floor because the angle I had to paint at to get to the bottom was very awkward and uncomfortable.  Closer to the sink because there were many jokes by male friends about how close her head was to the toilet in both distance and height.  Though even if she had been further back I am sure those jokes would have existed anyway.

I never got to finish my wonderland bathroom.  But I can still see the finished room in my head.  To the right of the toilet the wall was pushed in for glass shelving.  Around and behind the glass shelving was going to be wallpapered (not sure if that is the right term) cards with the art from the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  I still had one more print to be framed and hung.  I had also purchased the flowers.  A Tiger Lily, Rose, and Dandylion as these were the flowers in the original story.  I did have a very pretty soap dispenser which I was either going to have engraved or put a tag on it saying "Drink Me" and I was still looking for a pretty glass box to put a soap cake inside and of course with "Eat Me" engraved on it.

As I am sure you can tell, I really enjoyed working on this and I wish I had been able to finish it.  Not to mention still see it.  A little more then six months after finishing the mural our relationship ended and I moved out.  I am not sure it's still there, but I have pictures so I can see it when ever I would like too.

A very tired by artistically energetic me.

View of the bathroom from the sink.  You can see sort of see how Alice's face is very close to the toilet.  But also my fabulous eBas and Randy Queen prints that stayed in the house.  That's okay, I have plenty more art.  :o)

Me in a very happy place painting.

The bathroom from the door.  You can see a little bit of the mirror and the Castillo print.  Next to Castillo would have been Campbell.  The window actually looks (well not look because of the type of glass) into the master bathroom.  I had thought at one point that it would be really cool if the mural door opening into a little closet but obviously that was me getting carried away.  :o)
For more picture check out my album at: Facebook Albums: The Wonderland Bathroom

If you are interested in painting a mural similar to mine check out Wish Upon a Mural's Ebay Store this is where I purchased my supplies.... which I still have somewhere.  I believe when I bought mine they offered both buy it now's, auctions and best offers.  They also do not keep all styles on the site and rotate their products.


  1. I had no idea you were so artistic. yet another reason to be impressed :)

  2. thank you. I have dabbled in pretty much every area of art.. I don't like ceramics (and I won't try it), sculpture, oils, pastel or charcoal. Yuck. But I sketch sometimes with marker but mostly colored pencils and I can paint sometimes. :) This was a project of love and insanity. lol

  3. I have never done work "for" anyone... what are you looking for?


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