Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cosplay: A Lesson in Wigs

So I have been on the look out for a good blonde wig for a few months now.  Something inexpensive would be best.  On my last trip fabric shopping I picked up a typical halloween wig.  It was pretty on the package, an okay length, and the cut seemed right as well.  I was looking for Supergirl mostly but also to use in future cosplays so I really was not being too picky.  At $12.99 I took it home quite excited about my wig purchase.

When I got home and tried on the wig my excitement turned into disappointment.  I could tell taking it out of the net I was not going to like this wig one bit.  The ends felt fried, the part had a funny wave to it, and the majority of the hair was matted with what felt like a styling product in it.  Just awful.

You can view pictures here Facebook Gallery: Wigamania

In person it literally looks like the hair of a college student who has bleached their hair too much and stopped washing it for a few days.  Not pretty.

So then I was going to go online and buy a wig from a wig website, but I decided I did not want to purchase something and be unhappy and have to send it back.  I definitely did not want to overpay for a wig that may be similar to the one I already bought.  So I broke down and went to the local costume shop.  We only have one buy us and I won't mention the name of the store because it's a place I intentionally avoid.  Don't get me wrong, they have great items there and a rather large selection.  However, they are very overpriced.  Last summer I was forced to purchase my Robin costume there because it was off season.  I knew from the internet that it retails at $50, but this store charged $70!  I was pissed off but I had no choice in the matter.  I couldn't buy it online because I didn't have enough time for shipping.  This reason alone is enough for me to stay far away.  I mean a $5 would be a decent price increase but that's almost 50% more at an extra $20.  A bit ridiculous I think.

However, when I was younger I had a wig that I had purchased from this same shop and I remember it being a really nice high quality wig.  So I figured I would give them a shot before going into a wig store (of which I have no idea where they are).  I gave the owner a description and he produced a wig that was pretty much perfect.  I even got to run my fingers through the display model and there was no ax spray in the air.  It's still that super white blonde that I don't like but I think it's going to work pretty well.  The new wig wound up costing me $50 (ugg), but it was comparable to what I was looking at online and was a lot nicer then my $13 one.

Happy curly blonde wig... :o)
While at the costume shop I very infrequently shop at I also picked up a plastic set of sai's for Elektra!  They are black and hollow plastic but I am going to spray paint them silver and wrap the handles with red tape that I also picked up today.

The owner tried to sell me on fake eyelashes and makeup to which I said I have my own makes up and no way on the false lashes.  He was even trying to sell them as a cosplay accessory which they are, but not really for superheros.  I am lucky enough to have dark curly lashes and somewhat long and thick.  Fake eyelashes are a pain because my curly lashes want to pop them off all the time.  No fake lashes for me.

Anyway, the moral of this post is... with wigs... you get what you pay for.  If you have it spend the extra money.

If you are interested in the wig here is a website selling it (of course for less but the list price is what I paid): - Lacey Costume Wig - Deluxe Showgirl

Extra Bonus:
Oh I also made a stop (two actually) at Target.  I am trying to find a pair of these awesome boots they had for about a minute that I know I would wear but also wound be awesome for future cosplay.  I will keep looking though.  One store had them but much too small and the other did not have any.  Ugg.  But I did find some AWESOME bright red lipstick.  I don't wear much makeup and when I do it's eye makeup and never lips.  So I don't own any lipstick!  This will not do for some characters, like Calie and even Elektra who is sometime sporting bright red lips to match her outfit.  I knew I wanted L'Oreal Infallible Compact, but I was having a tough time picking the right red.  A few of them looked sort of right and the Beyonce red looked like it could be perfect but sold out.  Then I spotted the Target exclusive up a few rows... Target Red.  I think its perfect.  What do you think?  Just so you know I burned my lip a week ago... so that's not smudging in the corner of my mouth it's actually my wound.

If by any chance you want to pick up this lipstick and don't have a Target near you or your local Target is sold out here it is online for your shopping pleasure. - L'Oreal Infallible Target Red

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