Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elektra Cosplay Update

So yesterday I wound up making the top and the panties (I guess that's what I should call them).  After I fixed all my fit issues that I mentioned in the previous Elektra blog, I chilled out, played some words with friends, some farmville, and my mind went roaming on how on earth I am going to do these bottoms.  Of course my best ideas always come to me at the worst time of day.

I decided to use a bikini bottom, that I know fits well and has good coverage, as a pattern.  It happens to be the kind of bottom that ties on the sides which was absolutely perfect.  So I wound up awake until 3am sewing these bottoms.  I doubled on the spandex for lining and added elastic in the legs but left the top of them unfinished.  I also left the bottom of the top unfinished.

I now need to make the skirt that will attach in-between the bottoms and the top... all three pieces will be sewn together and will eventually be like a one piece bathing suit (or leotard) that pulls up from the bottom.  Not sure when I will get to work on the skirt... maybe next Friday.

Tonight I got to playing with the glovelets.  Elektra has wraps around her wrists and originally I was going to buy more of the boxing wraps we use in trapeze, but in red.  Then I realized the red is probably a duller darker red then the spandex I am working with, so spandex glovelets it is!

Again, I had no pattern for these.  So I measured my own forearm for length, and width at three spots.  Then I went to town sketching out my own pattern right on the fabric, because I am also lacking in paper bags.  I must fix this on my next trip to the grocery store.

I had a few mishaps with the glovelets.  Since my fabric marking pen is pretty awful I used a pink sharpie which just look black on the fabric and is permanent and bleeds through as well.  My first glovelet, I somehow managed to mess up my own marks and the seam line made it look like it was meant for a ladybug.  I fixed my error however and now I have two excellent matching glovelets.  I tend to not pay close attention to the numbers or hems when I am sewing and magically these two came out the exact same length.

All day I was thinking about the feet.  What am I going to do with the feet?  How am I going to make boot covers/tops?  I started looking on ebay for ideas of red boot covers and red boots, but I didn't like them at all.  Everything is so shiny.  This girl, not a fan of shiny costumes.  That is on costumes that don't need it.  I saw a few suede ones that were slouched and flat, but not in my size.  Then it dawned on me... BALLET SLIPPERS.  I don't mean the flats that everyone wears.  Real ballet slippers split sole in red, with red knee high stockings AND red point ribbon laced up the calves.  Oh thank you dancers.  I will also be able to use these ballet slippers for flying trapeze to protect my toes on the net and I love buying things with a dual purpose.  So no red boots for Elektra and I am quite excited about how comfortable my feet will be in the costume!

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