Saturday, August 13, 2011

Elektra Cosplay

Well since I am new to this I keep trying characters with interchangeable items and ones that I shouldn't need a wig for.  So on the agenda is Elektra
.... so wig and red boots (probably boot covers) can be used for other characters.

So far I have the top sewn and what I learned in today's sewing fiasco is:  when working with spandex use a pattern 4 sizes too small.  I decided to make my costume top in the size that should fit with my measurements.  Alas it wound up being SIX inches too big in circumference.  When I measured it out it wound up being way bigger then the measurements on the pattern.  So I took it in, under the arms and at the back seams since the front would have been tough.  Now the waist fits but the bust not so much.  After I finished off the seams the top is loose... so I think I am going to have to figure something out with elastic because I cannot have the top sliding off one side... sorry.

I am frustrated.

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  1. I did add elastic to the top and now it fits snug, but it bunches in the strap. Not everything is perfect right? Because it's staying this way.


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