Monday, August 8, 2011

My Wonderful Wonderland Stories...

Edith, Ina and Alice
When will I tire of reading a good Wonderland story?  Never, I hope.

I have read a few but definitely far from many.  It's not a secret that I thoroughly enjoyed Raven Gregory's horror take on Wonderland.  For those not interested in horror or graphic novels I highly suggest Frank Beddor's series called The Looking Glass Wars.  It's a fantasy/sci fy take on Wonderland that will blow you away.  In Frank Beddor's Wonderland the Pool of Tears is actually a portal in-between Wonderland and Earth.  Wonderland residents go missing when they jump in committing suicide because they land on Earth and are unable to figure out how to get back.  However, Hatter Magidan (the Royal Guard) discovers puddles where no puddle should be will transport a person to Wonderland.  Not to mention the crystal continuum where all the mirrors are actually a way to travel through Wonderland.  Basically the idea of the story is that Wonderland is real, but Dodgson wrote it down all wrong and Princess Alyss is not happy about it.  Oh do I love that series.  So much that I may have to read it again.

Oh and lets not forget the many film adaptations.  Of which I have only seen three.  Disney's chopped up version, one that starred Carol Channing as the Red Queen but I cannot remember which company produced it at the moment this version is still milked down but much more complete then Disney's.  I have also seen Alice the Sci-Fy networks version which is very slow but good.  I actually really liked it once it started moving an hour and a half into it.

Alice at 18
Anyway, I just finished reading "Alice I Have Been."  This was the very first historical fiction that I have read outside of anything imposed on me in grade school.  This book actually brought tears to my eyes several times.  Reading the book I knew a good portion of it had to be fiction (hence historical fiction), so I read the book like I would any other piece of fiction and not taking anything in as fact.  That is until I got to the end where Melanie Benjamin outlines what was real and what wasn't.  I was surprised that the bulk of it was real.  Alice did grow up.  She was a child of ten.  She did have a friendship with Dodgson that was too close though the reasons for there break remain unknown. The author did fabricate the reasoning based on rumor.  There was a relationship with Price Leopold, but it's not documented to whom, Alice or Edith.  Edith did get engaged right before she passed away.  Alice did lose two sons in WWI.  That was the wow factor for me.  Finding out all these intimate details of Alice Liddell's life were extentions of true events.

My only gripe is the cover.  It's well known that the real Alice is a brunette and this story is HER story not Dodgson's character.  So why is the little girl on the cover blond?

I really enjoyed this book and I suggest it... guess I will be posting comments on Goodreads.  :o)

I love this picture of Dodgson and Alice.

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  1. In case you're wondering... no I did not see Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland. I had been saying for sometime that Alice should be brought back to the theater with the technology we have today and have the story told right. Tim Burton could have accomplished that, but it was clear from ads and reviews the story was drastically changed and this was not something I was interested in seeing because I was disappointed that Alice had not been filmed in a manner closer to the actual story. One day I am sure I will sit down and watch it but I am in no rush and I do hope someone films Alice right one of these days.


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