Monday, August 29, 2011

Newsday: Irene Photos

Here are some photos from that shows some of the damage of hurricane irene.  I tried to pull picks from different areas of Long Island and even found some in Vermont.  I am still a little upset about yesterday and I spent today talking to coworkers about damage and power issues.  Pretty much everyone is out of power which just makes me more agitated that other people are not grateful they get to have hot water and running appliances.  Well, all I can do is ignore those people and try to help those that I can.

Centereach, NY

Fire Island, NY

Glenn Cove, NY

Merrick, NY

Patchogue, NY (my favorite of the pictures)

Seaford, NY

Southampton, NY

Waterbury, VT

West Islip, NY

Woodford, VT

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