Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading in Public

You know... more people should read comics in public.  The most public I get with my reading is in my car while I am waiting for my laundry to dry at the laundromat.  But why?  Why don't I feel comfortable enough to read boldly in public? 
One answer might be that I prefer not to give any laundromat dust mites an outlet to open up conversation since comics are very bold and obvious.  Another might just be how I react to the combination of society and comics.  I don't want to feel like a 14 year old boy when I am clearly not.  Nor do I want people wondering why I am not reading a typical novel or a newspaper and I don't want to answer that if anyone asks me.  But I do read novels and I do read the news, but I read my news online.  In fact, I usually read novels in my car and my comics in my bed.  Sometimes I like to drag out my reading, so I can enjoy a new comic book treat for a few nights.  :o)

But I love the idea of International Read Comics in Public Day!  Such a fun idea.  I may just try it out.  Maybe I will go to the beach that day since it won't look too odd setting up a tripod there.  Where will you read your comics publicly?

Comics Alliance: International Read Comics in Public Day

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