Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's up with Dragoncon?

So I keep hearing about Dragoncon and from everyone and everywhere.

Are you going to Dragoncon?  Who's going to Dragoncon?  I can't afford Dragoncon!  I really want to go to Dragoncon this year.

I haven't been to this show and quite frankly I only just started hearing about it six months ago.  So even though I am not going to this show, I went and checked out their website.  I am curious as to why everyone wants to be at Dragoncon.
  What is the fuss about?

What I enjoy about con's is comic creators, meeting people, and taking pictures with attendees.  Subsequently finding photos of yourself all over the internet after the show is enjoyable as well.  Dragoncon does not seem to offer much for me.  When I took a list at the guests they have very few comic creators and a plethora of film and entertainment stars.  I am usually interested in meeting celebrities.  They are great people and it's nice to see them at shows and of course if there is someone I really do want to see I will definitely go and take a picture with them (Yancy Butler), but I am not such a fan that I want to meet tons of celebs just to say I did, nor do I get all hyper and crazy at meeting a celebrity.  In other words, I don't idolize.

Anyway, they also have a few panels (another thing I never do at shows) and decently long list of exhibitors and vendors... none of which I have really heard of and none of the comic companies or at least none of the ones I look for.

So I ask you... what am I missing that makes Dragoncon so wonderful?  I would like to know.

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