Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ultimate Comics The New Spider-Man

So I fell asleep early today and woke up and now here I am wide awake at 3:15 in the morning and i have to be at work in a few hours.  Oh well.  But I am happy I am up because my friend and Zenescope writer Raven Gregory posted a bit of exciting news.  At least I think it's exciting, but as usual any major change to the comic universe is met with a lot of fan resistance.

ICv2: Marvel Unveils New 'Ultimate Comics' Spider-Man

So in the Ultimate comic series (admittedly I do not read) Spider Man died and left a vacancy in the hero department.  So like most vacant heroes a new person will take up the mantel.  Just like Bucky did when Captain America died.  However, this time instead of filling the vacancy with a predictable choice and a similar character they are filling the role with someone different.  A black hero.

Where you expecting someone else?

And the harsh reactions start rolling in.  Personally, the idea really excites me.  I can definitely see a young black man filling the role of Spider Man.  I really can.  Unfortunately, this has been met with an uproar of disgraceful comments.

Bleeding Cool: Fear Of A Black Spider-Man

The comments left on USA Today are harsh, racist, and unnecessary.  Many people seemingly have forgotten or do not realize the Ultimate series are an alternate universe.  Which means your comfortable white Peter Parker will still exist, but so will Miles Morales in the alternate universe.  I do not see a problem with this.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to a different market with a familiar character.  One person went and said " Why should white children not have a comic book hero that they can identify with?"  The question is why should black children not have one, as they haven't for the most part, again I am sure this person does not realize Peter Parker is still going to be around.  But really when you think about it there really are no black mainstream superheroes.  The comic industry is not very diverse with their headliners and skin tones.  I really can't think of a mainstream black hero for children.  I didn't grow up with any. Plus we have so many white heroes, so many.  We need diversity.  One of the reasons I love Marvel is because of the X-Men and their diversity and quest for acceptance and peace.

Bam Ka Pow: 15 of the Greatest Black Superheroes of All Time

This is an old article, but looking through that list there are very few well known characters.  The Black Panther being the only one I know well and also does not have an on going series.

Anyway, I applaud Marvel and Bendis (may everything he writes turn into gold, because it usually does).  I think making the new Spidy black is a great move in the right direction.  I am all for progression.