Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Planking... Owling... Batmanning?

I was just explaining planking to someone on Monday and now we have moved on to batmanning. I accept that after owling this was bound to come around sooner or later. Personally, yes it's quirky but I am not a fan. I would rather see a creative planker then another image of a college kid hanging upside down on a door.
And unlike planking and owling, batmanning appears to need a better sense of balance. It's much simpler to keep yourself stiff as a board in a random place or balance yourself on all fours then it is to hang from your toes. It's much more dangerous too. In my mind I have this horrible image of a drunk student attempting this and falling out of it. Doesn't sound like fun, but hey maybe if people can more creative it will grow on me.

In circus we would call this a toe hang and I would think the sneakers people are wearing during these pics would make it much harder.

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