Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Email Shananagins...

So there are many people in the world with the same name as me.  My parents apparently we're not as clever as they thought they were.  On facebook alone my name comes up with about 10 matches.  When I signed up for gmail a few years ago (right when it opened) I snatched my namesake as an email for business purposes.  It's always a good idea to have a professional email for resumes.

A few months ago I received receipt emails for UPS.  For purchases I did not make and I am not being billed for, thankfully.  Apparently, someone is popping my email into their accounts.  I honestly thought this was a mistake.  It happened twice and not again.

Until today... I received multiple emails from redbox on my gmail email.  I have three email accounts, one on gmail and two on aol (one on aol I am about to get rid of) and I know my gmail account is not associated with redbox, but I checked anyway.  You never know.  Of course when I checked all was well and none of these numerous rentals are leaking into my account, but I called redbox anyway.

Redbox was kind enough to remove the email from the other account.  I added the gmail to my actual account since the person can log in and just reenter the same email and I would have to remove it again and again and again.  The idea of having the gmail account is to keep junk off of it, but I guess that is not possible with someone else attaching my email to their accounts.  Hopefully, I have solved the rebox problem by changing my email.

Then I check a different email account and I received a strange email from FIT... weird emails all around.

Moral of the story... do NOT use someone else's email on your account.  My stomach dropped when I saw these emails thinking my account had been hacked.  I know it might seem silly.  Since many sites and businesses ask for an email and most of us don't care for the junk mail, but it's really not enjoyable on the other end.

Just as a side note I did have my bank account hacked a few years ago so the idea of it happening "again" is not acceptable.  Thankfully, WaMu was amazing and immediately shut my account down before I had any idea it happened.  Unfortunately, I wound up stuck at the gas station on an empty tank with no cash and a deactivated bank account and yes a friend came to me rescue with some cash.  Upon which I went straight to the bank to transfer funds to a new account.  Apparently I answered a fraudulent email and someone tried to charge $400 from Romania.  I learned my lesson that day and I never click on links in emails involving credit and bank information.  If ebay, paypal, or my bank need me to enter information they will tell me when I log into the site.  I know those emails look official as well as the links, but more often then not they are fake websites built to fool you.  When I was apartment hunting I was asked to open a credit report account so they could check for evictions.  They gave me a link which looked fine but I did not use their link instead I entered the site and joined that way, I then emailed the person, and never heard back.  I am guessing that was a scam as well and it's a good thing I did not inadvertently send them all my information.

Stay safe on the internet my friends.

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