Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New York Renaissance Faire

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend.

Saturday, my girl friend and I started creating my Supergirl costume.  NYCC is just around the corner so I was starting to fret that we might not have time to get to it considering my weekends are booked almost to the brim right now.  So I ran some errands.  We went fabric shopping and hung out cutting patterns while dancing to old school music on the radio.  Then we watch Thor!  I have to say I really enjoyed it.

Sunday I went to the New York Renaissance Faire. 
The last time I went was in 1992 and I was 11 years old.  I have been wanting to go back for years but August and September are a busy time of year for me so I had yet to make it.  This past weekend I finally went for some personal reasons and also to see Jayna Lee.  Jayna is a aerialist specializing in contortion on the static trapeze.  I originally found her by searching for static trapeze routines on youtube to fill the times when I couldn't be practicing.  That and I really enjoy watching performances of various aerial acts.

So I went to the NY Ren Faire specifically last weekend to make sure I had the opportunity to see Jayna perform finally!  It was worth the wait.  She is such a great entertainer and understands how to engage the crowd.  Not only did I see her perform, but I also got to see her perform with her husband in his show and two of their dogs.  Dextre and Jayna are opening a circus next summer (projected) called Circus Stella which will highlight them as performers as well as all four of their dogs.

After Jayna's show I approached her since she knows me from facebook and we chatted for a good hour and a half after the show!  All about trapeze, Circus Stella, and rescued animals.  All of her four dogs are rescue animals.  Jayna is also a former gymnast and is somewhat self taught on static trapeze.  It was funny talking to her about tricks.  It was almost like having a language barrier because we know tricks by different names.  Her monkey roll is my russian roll.  I was explaining how I fell off the trapeze and it was difficult to explain the positions because I know saying a diaper star to standing means nothing to her so I went about describing the positions.  We made it work and she is such a sweetheart.

The faire was absolutely amazing.  I think if you have the chance everyone should check out this faire regardless of whether or not they have been to similar shows and liked or disliked them.  New York just does everything a little different.  The structures at the show (minus Jayna's rig) are permanent and it adds a different quality.  I did not get a chance to see the other shows.  I would have enjoyed the chess board match and a host of other shows but I chose to stick with the circus themes.  Maybe next year, since Jayna said she will be back next year even with Circus Stella touring.  Both her and Dextre really enjoy performing at NY Ren Faire.  And here I was rushing to get my butt their fearing she would not be back next year, fear not I can see her again next year!

Oh and for those of you that think the attendees must be dressed up for these shows you are very much mistaken.  In NY anyway some people do and some don't and no one minds either way.  I had a friend tell me he went to a Ren Faire out by him and would not return because he felt people were rude to him because he was not in costume.  I say come back to NY, because their is no way New Yorkers would let anyone get away with that.  We are a tough crowd to critique in that manner.  They also rent costumes so don't fret if you don't have one.  I did not dress up because I would prefer to own my own costume over renting and I have been much too focused on creating costumes for NYCC since it is my first year creating costumes.  Maybe next year I will make something for the Ren Faire.  :o)

Jayna Lee and I after her show
Jayna Lee jugging fire

Jayna Lee eating fire

Dextre asking Stella to stay while he gets something.

Jayna Lee, Dextre Tripp and two if their dogs Stella and Adrian.

To see more videos I created of both Jayna Lee and Dextre Tripp check out my youtube account.

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