Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ugg!!! Boot Covers!

So I am still very new to much of the cosplay creation and I am attempting to wrap my brain around making boot covers for Supergirl.

I was originally going to purchase red shoes and Andrea and I were going to make a spandex stirrup to go over it, but this poses a problem since the shoe will then be seen at the nose and heel.  Plus making the "V" was going to be problematic since spandex will need the full circumference of my calves to stay up and keep shape.  If there is a "V" it will stretch out of shape and wind up looking almost straight anyway.

Beaten up but perfect to be crafty with.
So I found a fabulous site outlining some well written instructions.  Now it's a matter of picking a good sturdy fabric.  I did purchase a pair of red shoes and I am returning them tomorrow.  In their place I picked up these abused thrift store sneaker like heels.  This way I can modify without guilt.  This became needed since the shoe covers require the cover to be glued or sewn on to the shoe.  I don't like the idea of the elastic straps since they are likely to move on the shoe.  So permanent boot covers it is!  Fake it till you make it right?

I am planning on removing the ankle strap and possibly adding elastic across the foot.  I like the security that the a strap gives me.  I am also going to paint the heel and the possibly the sole red or black.  Oh me and my projects!  I still have to get Elektra finished and Calie now since Raven WILL be at NYCC!

You might be wondering why I don't just purchase one of the two mass produced boots.  Well I happen to have very thin toned calves and a since 8 1/2 to 9 depending on the shoe.  With women's boots the larger the foot size the larger the calf space is.  For me to buy regular boots I have to look for a stretchy material and many times even they are a tad too big.  It stinks for women to have larger calves and unable to zip up a boot, but it also stinks to have small calves because when you walk to boot smacks around the leg and it doesn't look very attractive or feel comfortable.  I also happen to have square toes which means a lot of toe boxes do not fit properly.  Pointy toe shoe are definitely out.  Most of my heels are open toe because it's easier and less frustrating.  I could deal with a toe box fitting somewhat uncomfortably but not at a show where my feet will wind up hurting in comfortable shoes!  Augh shoes!  Shoes, jeans, bikini, and dress shopping is a horror, lol.

Here are two sites I am finding quite helpful.  The second one is more like a lesson in fabric but since I was researching types of heavy fabric I found it interesting.

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