Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who is Excited for NYCC?

So who is excited for the New York Comic Con??????  I am!!!! I am!!!!!  Especially since I keep getting email updates about added guests and panels.  I just might attend my VERY FIRST PANEL. 
Okay, not the first.  An old boyfriend took me to the uber exclusive DC Universe panel in 2009.  Not being a DC reader (especially at the time) I would have gladly given this opportunity away to one of the fans denied entry in heartbeat except this panel ran after the NYCC hours.  So instead of sitting around with a loads of swag I chose to go.  Even I was irritated with some of the fans there that kept asking DC creators about Marvel.  Not cool, I say.

So I received an email about some of the panel additions.  Normally, I am not a panel person.  I am not in the industry and I don't enjoy spoilers or too much hype.  So panels about writing good stories, digital painting techniques, or a new comic event are not for me.  However, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark panel is COMPLETELY up my alley!  So excited!

They also updated the guest list.  Here are some of the people I am excited to see for the first time (in addition to my usual favorites):

Terry Moore
Joe Quesada
Jim Lee (I actually have met Jim Lee before, but at the time I had not read a book with his work)
Stan Lee
Micheal Dooney (loving his artwork right now)

Its such a large list of people and I will be busy most of the time but I am excited for these five plus the fabulous Zenescope Crew whom I get to call my friends these days.  There are quite a few artists that I have seen in some time coming back as well.  This is going to be fun!

 I will definitely be needing the extra day off of work afterwards....

So who are you looking forward to seeing?  Any one special?

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