Friday, September 30, 2011

Women of Wonder Day - 10/29/11-10/30/11

Amber Love and Stacy Korn are hosting an event called Women of Wonder Day in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ on Halloween Weekend.  If you can make it please make sure to stop by.  They will be having art auctions, raffles, exclusives and of course photo opportunities with cosplayers.  Many of whom I met at Wizard World Philly are are awesome people. Make sure to check out the info below.

I am hoping to make an appearance at this event since it's not too far away from home, but also because it's for domestic violence.  Though I haven't posted on my blog about it, those that know me personally know that I was raised in a home with a high volume of violence.  It's certainly shaped me as a person and it's something people really should be educated about.  I think many people hear about domestic violence and react blindly to it.  We naturally think that person should have walked away and there for they do it to themselves and many times the victim feels trapped in the situation.  I have been in a bad relationship myself and they are so easy to get caught in.

Bottom line ladies, never ever make any excuses for another persons behavior.  If someone hits you it won't be just once.  If someone does it once they will do it again.  It's absolutely amazing how much violence and fear can control people (including myself), so don't let yourself become fearful.  If you get fearful, then get out as soon as you can and by any means possible.  It's really hard and it's a long road, but it is possible and don't give up.  No one wants to be a victim, be a survivor.

Of course my appearance depends on my costumes and finances come October but I will let you know as soon as I do if I will be there.  Hopefully, I can talk a friend or two into coming with me.

Facebook Event Info: Women of Wonder Day

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