Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barnes and Noble Pull 100 DC Books Off Shelves Because of Digital Kindle Exclusive

I have to say, after reading the article below, that offering exclusivity to Kindle through Amazon is a bad move for DC.  It's one thing to offer a book or two, but another to offer 100 exclusive titles.  This is still a dying industry no matter how big these movies get and no matter how "cool" they become.  Let's keep in mind many people just follow the pack and won't actually pick up a book unless it is easily accessible.

Exclusivity is meant as an incentive to purchase the books from the Kindle which means a consumer would have to seek out a Kindle before buying.  People like me enjoy buying books we can hold still and I personally would be more apt to buying a trade in Barnes and Noble over purchasing anything on the Kindle.

I feel like exclusivity on so many titles is a bad move.  DC should be trying to get their books more accessible and easier to find and EVERYWHERE.  Exclusivity is the exact opposite of this.  I get that it is just on digital formats but what about the iPad or the iPhone?  I don't blame B&N for pulling the books either.  If it were me I would pull them as well.  Sure its spiteful, but hey this is a dying art and if they are not going to allow B&N to sell all formats then B&N certainly can make it tougher for their books to be sold through B&N.

Article: Newsarama: Barnes & Noble Pull 100 DC Titles In Protest of Digital Exclusivity

What are your thoughts?

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