Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting ready for NYCC mutterings

New York Comic Con starts tomorrow and I have to say I am more ready then I thought I would be and yet I still feel absolutely behind.  Two of three costumes are ready to go.  I sifted through my books and cards for artists and writers to sign.  I even took two prints off my walls to have Nei sign, plus another that has yet to be put up.

So now it's the annoying things like packing, primping, and even putting curlers in my hair.  Yup, I said curlers.  I stopped dying my hair about 2 years ago.  Only coloring the ends last fall to cover the dyed ends that were growing out.  So now when I try using a curler or actually a flat iron to curl my hair (I usually use the flat iron) it won't curl.  It just falls straight because it's too soft and unprocessed.  My hair it too healthy to curl!  Augh!  So I will be putting in curlers tonight and hoping for the best.  I think if it drys over night (I hope it dries) it should hold some fluffiness.

Ugg to packing!  Good thing my outfits are pretty much set.  :o)

I should get back to getting ready.  See you soon.  If you see me at the show, please come up and say hi!

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