Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

So I was thinking about doing a condensed history of Halloween today.  The real Celtic and Pagan roots and how it became a Christian holiday that is now a secular community-centered holiday.  I have this habit of researching holiday roots... wait for Yule/Christmas to come around, though I usually try to bite my lip through that holiday.  Anyway, many people don't realize that Halloween is actually a real religious holiday.  Maybe I will still write it later this week.

I just wanted to throw out there a Happy Halloween and blessed Samhain!

We usually dress up at work.  This year it seemed very few people took part in the tradition and I normally pull a semi costume which is really just fun animal ears.  One year I was not working and I still wore ears out running errands.  Kids got a kick out of it.  I have cat ears and giraffe (bought them at Claire's years ago).  This year I bought clip in Devil horns and actually dressed to match.  People enjoyed it.  It's kind of awkward being a healthcare professional in a costume (even just horns), but not one person could stop themselves from smiling at me.  FYI that was the nastiest face I could make at 8am this morning.

Anyway, I bought candy and I don't get trick or treater's.  I left work sick because I have been having awful feelings of malaise.  A few days ago I was even considering going to the bar with some friends tonight and trying to get over my fear of being out on Halloween night (or weekend), but feeling like this took care of that quickly.  Instead I will be at home tonight resting EVEN MORE (because sleeping the whole weekend apparently was not enough) and watching Captain America, because Red Box just happened to have it.  :o)

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