Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a pony kind of day...

So I will still be posting a recap of NYCC, but NYCC helped make me sicker then I already was before the show.  So that recap might take a few days.  On a day when I can think clearer.  A little over a week ago I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus which completely explained exactly how I was feeling and I am pretty sure this is not the first time I have had it.  Doctor gave me a B12 shot that fixed me right up and has been a miracle vitamin because a day later I felt like a normal human again and stopped sleeping 18 hours a day.  Now I have another virus on top of the EBV.  Not fun but I guess that just means I will have to give myself the bed rest I denied myself before and during NYCC.

Anyway, I have this funny comfort thing when I am not feeling well where I want to indulge in my favorite childhood delights.  This is the time when I would be likely to watch a Dinsey movie, She-Ra, My Little Pony: The Movie, The Muppets, or Gen 13.  Yes I own all of those and quite a few Disney movies.  Maybe this it why I kept watching youtube videos of Carlton dancing on the Fresh Prince of Bell Air.  I am going to probably indulge in the new Jem DVD as well.

Today, however, while shopping for a better over the counter cold and flu med I wandered into the toy section.  I keep checking out Swinkies and wanting to pick up a pack, but I am afraid if I start I am going to want more so I haven't yet.  Instead I picked up two My Little Ponies.  I loved My Little Ponies growing up.  Loved them!  Especially the baby ponies and the two I picked up today are about the same size as the vintage baby ponies.  I picked up Fluttershy because I have a love affair with the color yellow.  I also picked up Cupcake.  One of my best friend's nicknames is Cupcake.  It's a family nickname and together we make Cupcake and Sunshine.  Anything labeled Cupcake or with a Cupcake just brings a smile to my face.  Except white Cupcake Wines... they are not so good.

My two new ponies have totally brought a smile to my face after a long day of work and dealing with some personal issues on top of being crazy sick.  I think I might just get a few more... I mean unlike Swinkies they come in sets of 6 or 8 which I think is very manageable.

For you viewing pleasure a clip from my favorite childhood show.  I have to thank Hannah for subliminally bringing ponies back into my personal limelight.

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