Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Book Wednesday...

One last post to end today... well until I get another exciting NYCC release.  :o)

So it's WEDNESDAY!  The day many of us look forward to for exciting new book releases.  I used to be at my favorite comic shop Fourth World Comics every single Wednesday.  These days I have calmed down and I go when my books are a decent amount or if something exciting is being released.  This week I was running to pick up The Theater #1.  I am still not sure what it is about but I have been hearing about it since early summer and my curiosity has been more then peaked.

I get to my comic shop and picked up a few releases from this week and some from last week (because I didn't go last week) and no theater is to be seen.  Also, no Batgirl #1 2nd printing!  Nooooooooooo.

I chat with the staff and the owner, Glenn, from time to time.  In fact Glenn brought in Penny For Your Soul after I asked about it.  I asked Glenn if he had stocked The Theater and if Batgirl had indeed sold out again.  YES and YES!  I was very surprised at both.  I didn't expect the 2nd printing of Batgirl to sell so fast (hello NYCC next weekend).

The Theater on the other hand they did stock, but sold out very quickly.  With three regular covers fans came in and bought three copies at a time!  Great news for Zenescope, but that means I have to wait another week to get a taste of this new series.

I have not yet had a moment to open any of the books I picked up but here were my picks from This week and last week.

DC Comics: The Huntress #1

Zenescope: GFT Myths & Legends #8... Garza cover (I am a sucker for the mermaid and Nei Ruffino)

Marvel: Dorothy and The Wizard in OZ #1... not sure how anyone can not like Marvels OZ series.  I have been interested in reading all of the OZ books and this had made them much more enjoyable.  This is the beginning of the 4th book and there are actually 14 books.  I hope they get to illustrate all of them and I am sure this is scheduled to happen as long as the popularity keeps up.

Top Cow: Artifacts #10

Top Cow: Magdalena #8... Very happy Patience is still hanging around.  She is a favorite character of mine because of her strength of mind.  I love the theology behind most of Tow Cow's book and more so in Magdalena.  I enjoy that she takes advantage of her free will and does not blindly follow the churchs requests.

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