Friday, October 14, 2011

New York Comic Con Day 1

Day 1 of the New York Comic Con is over and I am finally home winding down with my bottle of Duane Reade Evian and peanut butter cookies that I made from scratch last night.

I like to think today was a success.  I got to the train station with time to spare.  I also made it into the city with enough time to stroll down to the Times Square Ricky's who did not have the boots I was looking for but directed me to a store that might.

I made it to the show at 3:50pm and picked up my press pass.  On a line that was moving very fast.  The couple behind me kept complaining about poor cellphone service and how the area is a dead zone.  Then my friend Leroy called me and I answered my phone which has perfect reception in the Javitz.  Threw their theory right out of the window.  Verizon people, just suck it up and do it.  I used to be Cingular and then AT&T and Verizon blows them out of the water with cell phone reception.  I have (and still do) lived in several locations near the water and AT&T never had service, but Verizon does.  I got my pass, changed into Calie, and met up with Leroy.

Calie was a great pick for the day.  I chose to go with her because she is less recognizable and I really wanted to wander around the show without being stopped too much.  I also went with her because I am not sure I can handle the corset for more then the three hours.  I was definitely hurting by the end of the day and hungry.  I get so caught up in shows I forget to eat.  I had a few cookies this morning and then pizza with Leroy around 8:30pm.  And now I am having cookies again.

Anyway, today's highlights included checking out DC.  DC has a green screen where you pose with the Justice League and they give you a copy, plus you can download it in a few days.  You will have to wait to see mine.  We're hoping to be over there taking more pictures later in the show.  I picked up the Aspen Turner sketchbook from SDCC, oh yeah.  Spent sometime thumbing through Zenescopes books.  Chatted with the one guy I always see working the table who's name I do not know and I am going to have to find out... dun dun dun.  Caught up with my old pal Micheal Dolce who has been working on his The Sire series and has a NYCC exclusive.  He informed me that Talent Caldwell is at the show!  Yay!  I have never gotten to meet Talent and he was not on the artist list, which reminds me that I have to go thumbing through my books for Caldwell now.

My favorite part of today was taking the corset off, no not really.  That was my second favorite.  It was meeting up with Tim Seeley.  I read Witchblade religiously but I have been on a Witchblade break recently.  Partly because Artifacts is going on but also because I have had so many books come out and little time to read.  I expect to get caught up next month.  Anyway, I handed him my Witchblade 126B and he said he did the artwork for this issues cover and he is writing issue 151.  It took me a few minutes to understand what he was saying.  Starting issue 151 Witchblade has a whole new creative team!  Writer Tim Seeley, penciler Diego Bernard and inker Fred Benes!  I am so excited about this.  If you have known me prior to the opening of this blog you have probably heard me complain about Witchblade.  I love Witchblade, but I had a few experiences with let down issues being "filler" issues.  No one wants to read a book and feel like they spent their money on a book they could have skipped until next month.  It's happened a few times, but not enough for me to stop reading the series because I am generally very happy with the stories.  I mean how can you not love First Born?  It's so good I would like to read it again when I have the time.  My second usual gripe is Stjepan Sejic who is an amazing artist, but I personally like his art better on covers and not panels.  Sometimes I find his work hard to follow and blurry.  Sometimes I even notice flaws in the art.  I have definitely picked up on pieces that were blatantly not finished.  Parts where a whole piece of something was outlined and not painted in as it should be.  If I didn't enjoy the book so much these flaws would bother me.  So I am extremely excited about the team change, besides every book needs it's creators to rotate out and get some fresh ideas.

I also need to thumb through Hack/Slash for some of Seeleys work and Wonderland favorite Dan Leister.  I also hear it is excellent.  With that team how can you go wrong?

And here is Newsarama's article announcing this information just a few days ago.

Oh, Leroy and I walked to a different Rickys after the show and found my boots... the calves are too big but they fit pretty comfortably in the toe and I guess that matters more then snug calves.  Maybe my feet will make it out of this con alive and working.

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  1. I forgot to mention I also met this great photographer Chris Gampat of!

    He snapped some shots of me that I believe will be up on his site soon. :o)


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