Monday, October 17, 2011

New York Comic Con Day 3 and 4

Hi everyone!  So here is my recap of the last two days of the con!

Friday night I did not get home until most likely midnight.  After showering, packing, steaming my wig, blogging, editing and uploading pictures it was 2am.  The steam did not help relax the Supergirl wig and I was so out of it by time the photos uploaded that I didn't tag or publish any, but I wanted to get them up so I could do all the facebook editing today.  Saturday I had to get up at 5am for a 7:40 train.  So I had very little sleep yet again and this time it was weird overtired broken sleep where I don't believe I ever went into REM.  I woke up just before 5am because of my broken sleep and decided to not attempt more sleep for the fear of oversleeping.

Saturday, I was Supergirl for the day.  The outfit was made by my friend Andrea and it's awesome.  Thank you Andrea (!  Surprisingly it took me very little time to get ready Saturday.  The wig was kind of annoying but otherwise it was a smooth morning despite my lack of sleep.

I left my apartment at 6:40am exactly an hour before the train left to find out I had to detour because the SCPD had the LIE blocked off at my entrance and over here they do not have service roads.  My hour travel time should have been more then enough but because I had to detour it took longer.  I made it to the train at 7:33.  No joke.  Because I parked and thought there is no way I am getting to that train in 7 minutes since it was on the opposing track and I had a suitcase with me.  Miraculously I made it.  It's almost as if not worrying about it helped me get there on time.

I dropped my luggage off at our hotel and then booked it to the Javitz.  I got to the con at 9:30am where I went to the bathroom immediately (as I have throughout the show), so I could fix my wig and pin on additional pieces (ie: cape and belt).  Later on I realized I needed to pin my the bottom of the top to my bra because even though Andrea had fitted the top on me and it fit perfectly the decal stopped the stretch in the front causing it to be a little smaller then intended.  Live and learn right?  The pins worked out perfectly anyway.  Eventually I also pinned my badge to the skirt since they were not break away and putting the badge over the wig was a real pain.

I spent the early hours of the show wandering the floor, taking photos, and saying hi to a few friends.  I was asked to pose for artist Lisa Grubb (  She unveiled her new Superhero pieces at the show and asked me to pose in front of them.  She has some beautiful brightly colored pieces and was lovely to chat with.  I found Alex Maleev's booth and asked him to sign two cards for me and just as I was putting them away my friend Nick comes around the corner.  So I wandered with him and his friend for a little bit.  At one point Andrea called me asking for the Javitz's address and while I was on the phone I lost Nick and someone started relentlessly asking for a photo.  I do not understand why some people have absolutely no manners.  I am on the phone wait until I get off and I will be happy to pose for you.  At that time giving Andrea an address was much more important then this mans photo.  So to Luna, who I disrupted eating on Friday I got my payback Saturday.  Sorry Luna.

Shortly after I left to pick up Victoria and Brian at Penn Station.  As much as I did not want to walk to Penn dressed as Supergirl by myself as I had already experienced some pretty awful cat calls in the morning walking in alone (I was supposed to have company... oh well) I walked there anyway after I rationalized that Vicki and Brian may not know which direction to go if I say meet me at 10th and 34th.  Yes I got more awful cat calls, but on the way to the hotel we switched to the other side of 33rd and I had less problems.  Probably because Brian was there.  People kept confusing me for other DC characters though.  Someone called me Wonder Woman.  I got Superwoman a lot and I even got Superman once.  At one of the intersections there was a crew working on the traffic lights I believe and they totally got into it.

Once we got to the hotel, we found out that our cabin might be available for check in even though it was prior to 3pm.  So we checked in and got comfy for a little bit.  The hotel was really nice and futuristic.  The bathroom was interesting because it was a curtain separating it from the room.  Our window actually had a nice view too.

I took them to the Javitz and to the press check in where we met up with Hannah and some other people we know.  I then trailed off to find Andrea and James who were at their very first convention.  Andrea was dressed as She-Hulk and a definite crowd pleaser.  Eventually we made our way down towards press and I introduced them to Vicki and Brian.  That was basically my Saturday.  The rest of the convention day involved following She-Hulk and James through the show floor.

When the show ended we all met up by the press area.  A little girl dressed as Supergirl wanted to take a photo with me, but was too shy.  She was quite adorable and exactly how I was when I was little.  I was always scared of people I didn't know no matter how much I thought I liked them.

Eventually, we went back to the hotel and figured out our dinner plans.  I was sitting there racking my brain on where to eat when I dawned on me that Yotel is just a few blocks from Resturant Row.  So we wound up eating at my favorite restaurant Dallas BBQ (old college favorite, shout out to FIT!).  Went back to the hotel and put on some cartoons and passed out.  Out cold by about 11pm.  I woke up a few times during the night with sleepy drunkenness (being over tired, getting sleep, and having a margarita) to find text messages from a few people one being Eric Basaldua who's calls and messages had me giggling all night anyway.  The one I woke up to was in addition.  Eric is awesome and party on legs.  He just comes across as one of those rare people who are truly carefree and lacking judgement.

We all woke up on Sunday at about 9am and relaxed watching cartoons (again) and The Wedding Singer while we all got ready for Sundays show.  Before heading off to Sunday's show I took a trip to Midtown Comics.  I have never been there before but I have been by the store many times.  I picked up Batgirl 2 and The Theater 1.  When I asked an employee if they had The Theater he was confused and though I was asking where their theater was which of course they don't have one.

Sundays show was okay.  Personally, I found it to be much too busy for a Sunday.  I did not dress up Sunday.  One of the first places I went Sunday was to artist alley and I ran into Sketch who I had met on the Campbell line.  This time I made sure to give him my information.  I love meeting new people especially comic culture fans because I have so few in my life especially with in NY.  That and I really want to keep in touch with him.  I then wandered off to the area where they had the 50% off Trades (and less in some places).  I was looking to pick up Superman Doomsday.  Sketch said I should try looking for Red Son.  Neither of which I found.  The bins had very little DC.  I did find Dead at 17 though!

I met up with Vicki and Brian later on and we walked through the show together and then back to the hotel to pick up my luggage which was conveniently stored on the wrong shelf.  So the bellhop asked me to go into the storage room with him and he was walking so FAST!  My hip had started to hurt during the show which I am completely blaming in stress since it flared up just as I was at the peak of a stressful moment today.  So it was work keeping up with the bellhop.  Now I am sure if the luggage tag said hot pink he would have found it immediately because I did.  I have a hot pink suit case.  Don't judge, I was in college and I like to be the bright spot of color in a rather dimly colored part of the east coast.  My umbrellas are always bright colors too.  I have a black suitcase that I like as well but the construction elements in it are very heavy, so I went back to my college suitcase as it is very light and easier to travel with.

Anyway, we all walked over the where Vicki and Brian needed to pick up their bus and then I wandered to Penn Station and hopped on the Ronkonkoma train.  Tomorrow I now need to clean up the disaster site my apartment has become during this show.  It's pretty bad.  I need to clean up and relax.  Major relaxation.  Oh and some reading!

Possibly tomorrow or later this week I will be writing a review of the show and adding photos for now you can see all my con pictures at

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