Saturday, October 22, 2011

Newsarama: Alice In Wonderland Interview

Newsarama just posted an exclusive interview with Zenescope's Alice in Wonderland writer (and my favorite) Raven Gregory.  I have read and seen quite a few versions of Wonderland.  I have made an effort to not see Tim Burton's version though.  I highly suggest Frank Beddors trilogy "The Looking Glass Wars" and Gregory's graphic Wonderland series.

I think the last thing anyone wants to see is this story yet again rewritten but both Gregory and Beddor have a knack for recreating stories with character depths far beyond the original tale.  Beddor completely reinvented Wonderland into his own special story.  Beddor made Wonderland real and made me want to go on the hunt for puddles where no puddle should exist.

In Gregory's Wonderland books he brings all the characters to life with intense background stories.  In Carroll's original tales he never pauses to tell us exactly who the King of Hearts is and how did he become the King of Hearts?  Gregory does this.  Not only does he do this but he also bring into play the Suicide King.  In a standard pack of cards the King of Hearts appears to be stabbing himself, hence suicide.  He is also the only of the kings to not have a mustache which alludes to youth.

When ever I think of characters such as this it reminds me of Tarot cards.  A year and a half ago I was attempting to learn how to read tarot and I sort of can.  I am better with Oracle cards (fortune telling cards) but I prefer to not do readings on people other then myself, because I am not confident enough.  When I was learning Tarot cards the during the discussion on how all the Minor Arcana work together the King of Cups was brought up as the suicide king.  Each of the typical playing card suits matches one in a tarot deck.  Cups are hearts.

Anyway, when I read Gregory's take on the King of Hearts I squealed with delight because of the on point back story.  I am sure he has something special planned for the prequel to his Wonderland series and I cannot wait.

Here is the link to the interview.  I did not read the pages posted.  I feel like it ruins the story so I never read these kind of previews. Exclusive: Going Down the Rabbit Hole W/ ALICE IN WONDERLAND

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