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NYCC Wrap Up Review

J Scott Campbell
Well now that I am running at about 90% again, I am ready to write a final wrap up on the New York Comic Convention. I can’t believe how sick I got directly after and how fast I got better thank you Mucinex Fast-MAX ™! It’s a typical liquid but has double the amount of drugs in it and it tastes like blue raspberry which means it’s fairly easy to drink without wincing and it didn’t knock me out.

So I have to declare that this was without a doubt the best convention I have been to so far. This was my third convention cosplaying and my first cosplaying custom costumes. I always find it interesting which characters pick up attention. My bagged Robin (that I am not fond of) is a huge crowd pleaser. People love it. Bo Peep, well the men liked it that’s for sure. All except for one, but I won’t get into that.

By AllyCat Alisha

For New York this year I was Calie, Elektra, and Supergirl. I actually had the best time as Calie believe it or not. I think it had a lot to do with the outfit being a character I know well and adore. The only problem I had with the costume was the petticoat getting stuck in awkward spots.

Elektra was really well received. She seems to be a rarely cosplayed favorite. One of the reasons I picked Elektra is because she stands out, is known well, but up until the Philly show I had never seen anyone cosplay Elektra. I also learned it’s a lot of fun to be a character with a weapon. My sai’s (poorly painted) were a hit.

Please ignore the awful wig
When I was dressed as Supergirl I didn’t find it as widely noticed as the other two which I thought was surprising. I was slightly uncomfortable because I am not used to having my midriff exposed, nor have I been spending any time in the gym or at trapeze class so I am a little out of shape right now. Anyway, I am not sure if it was the character, Saturday, or the fact that I was walking with a more popular character (wink wink), because we stopped a lot and for the most part I just felt like a typical con goer.  I thought (due to my insecurity with my abs) I would be cringing at any and all photos.  I am glad to say I actually really love the costume.  Hate my wig, but I love the costume and my abs don't look too bad actually.  This costume was made by Andrea of Scandalize Designs.  Don't you love it too?  Drop her a line and let her know!

DC did a great job at the show! I really enjoyed the DC New 52 Justice League green screen photos. The photographer was excellent and it is a great idea. Of course they had an abundance of creators signing as well. I didn’t spend much time at Marvel. I was over by them on Thursday. I liked the Avengers stage but it was almost too large. I felt like there was a lot of dead space taken up by the stage. Marvels actual space was very dark and I don’t recall much else being there other then the stage. I know signings were going on and I am sure tables were there but I did not see them because all the black blended in like an ink spill. Interestingly enough DC was very colorful with bright green everywhere. What I find particularly interesting about the colors is that their comic coloring is opposite. Marvel tends to use brighter and more glossy colors where DC uses darker more matte coloring, but they were flip flopped at the show. Top Cow was not highlighted by Image and they had a both that was very much forgettable. Image was offering a few books for sale and I am guessing some signings.

Midtown Comics had their typical large setup except this time around they were selling more then just graphic novels. They had back issues, hats and tee shirts. They did not have the back issues I was looking for but that is okay by me.

Hasbro had me at hello! They had a vintage Jem display which I immediately thought were re-releases, but no they were promoting the release of the new Jem DVD which I am hoping to pick up. My birthday is coming up soon. Wink wink. They had also hired a cosplayer to be Jem which was great. She was a sweetheart. Hasbro was also displaying He-Man and She-Ra toys. I thought these were vintage until I was editing the photos and realized they have a release date for next month. I loved She-Ra as a little kid, but I don’t remember She-Ra’s action figure looking for angry. I remember owning her and Swiftwind. I probably had a He-Man as well, but I can’t remember. I was a touch disappointed there were no My Little Ponies on display. Oh well, notice how I can talk about toys. After I graduated from SUNY Fashion Institute of Tech I wanted to pursue a career in toy marketing and advertising. Particularly with Hasbro, but outside of retail the closet corporate job was in Buffalo New York at the time and moving was not feasible.

Aspen had their typical booth, nothing too showy. Zenescope had HUGE cut backs. Their booth shrunk to a third of the size. The colorful backdrops were almost missing. They were there but smaller and not very noticeable. They also did not have any booth babes. I did offer to volunteer as a booth babe this year and I never heard anything about it.

The show did have a few little pitfalls. We had a few moments with rough employees. I try very hard to be polite especially with people I don’t know, but some employees were extra rude regardless. I won’t explain the situations, because they didn’t ruin the show for me. I did, however, email the shows manager mentioning what happened and I have to say he responded very appropriately thanking me for my comments and input. The reality is with a show this large the staff is bound to get irritable. I understand that completely and I am very happy with the response from Lance.

I also had a sticky moment over at Zenescope. Where I was invited behind the table for a few photos and was kicked out abruptly and not in a friendly manner. I always say there is the right way and the wrong way to go about things. The convention manager chose the wrong way. I did not spend much time by there booth for the rest of the show. I did stop by because how can I not chat with Raven and Eric, but I steered clear of the manager. She made me very uncomfortable. I won’t allow this to reflect my purchasing decisions but I am sure it will change how much time I spend near them at shows in the future.

(c) 2012 Chris Gampat
I met a fabulous photographer on Thursday named Chris Gampat from The thing that I really enjoyed about Chris taking my photos, as well as another photographer I met, is that he posed me. I have never done a photo shoot or worked with any photographer. I know some photographers expect models to know how to pose. I don’t know how to pose (and posing freaks me out) and I would like to think the photographer has some sort of creative vision. I wouldn’t be looking to just sit there and be pretty. I am too much of a creative person for that. If I start doing shoots I would like something unique and interesting to come out of it.

Anyway back to the show, I feel like I missed so much of this show being wrapped up in sleep deprivation and friends. My friends were a huge part of what made this show so great. This was the first con for three of my friends and also the first cosplay for one of them. Its great to be a part of exposing someone to something I enjoy and watching them have a great time. It’s nice to know I am not crazy. This was also the first New York show for Vicki and Brian, though they are convention veterans by a long shot. Beyond that though getting to see all the people I have gotten to know in this industry over the last five years of attending shows and chatting online was great. Many of these friends are not from New York which makes it very special to me. Seeing friends from all over the United States in one place was the cherry on top for me.


Myself, Hannah, and Victoria
Photographer: Brian G

Luna and myself as Elektra

Raven Gregory, my favorite boxed blonde

Outlaw Produx Snikt Shop

AZ Powergirl
 If you would like to see more picture please visit my facebook fan page at

I also want to mention that Victoria, Brian and I stayed at this fabulous hotel called Yotel.  If you're looking for something nice and different it is worth a look.  It's designed with a modern space theme, the staff is amazing, and it's right smack in the middle of the Javitz and Times Square a few blocks away from each.

Sometimes it takes me much too long to write something, but once I get there it's pretty thorough.


  1. Yay thanks for the shout out! And thank you for motivating me to finally get to a Con <3

  2. You're welcome and now we have to start brain storming about next year! or I-con or Apple Con... you were both great company. You have a permanent shout out on the cosplay page. :o)


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