Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top Cow's Artifacts just blew it for me... Spoiler Alert!

So I have been reading Top Cow's crossover Artifacts.  I have been lax about reading books the last few months due to my schedule and tiredness.  I finally read issue 9 and 10 last night.  I was really looking forward to reading them since I had to hunt for 9 at the show since my LCS had sold out of them.

Up until now I was really enjoying the series.  It was engaging and I like learning about all the new characters and artifacts.  I am a big fan of Magdalena, Witchblade, Angelus, and Aphrodite IX.  I also enjoy Jacki Estacado's charater and I like Tilly Grimes as well.  I would read Th Darkness but being me I would want to read from the beginning and it's a long way back.  Anyway, I was really enjoying this series with all it's twists and turns until issue 9.  The three page sex scene killed it.  Like Catwoman #1, it is unnecessary and just an excuse to draw Sara and Jacki having sex.  What hurts it even more is the script which reads like an extremely poorly written porn scene.  The actual copy written for Sara doesn't sound like Sara.  The whole scene was off and weird I think.  The actual artwork doesn't bother me in the least, I just find it to be over the top and unneeded.  Lately, books have been getting much more explicit and it can fit but most of the time I find it distracting to the story. 

I can see why this might be important to the Artifacts story arc.  Their first daughter is the key to the universe and wasn't her birth an amazing event?  First Born is a great story!  A big part of what makes it so great is the mystery behind the story.  How on earth did Sara get pregnant while she was in a coma?  Who is the father?  If part of Artifacts story has something to do with a second key incubating then maybe that scene holds some more importance, but it destroys the mystery.  Had it been more implied we would be left to wonder until revealed like First Born.  Sorry the scene hurt to read.

Outside of that and the new mysterious artifact 13 the story is starting to become predictable, but maybe that is the idea and it will twist again in the remaining three issues of this arc.  I find a lot of series (not just Top Cow) getting to the climax of the story (they sure did) and kill it with an outdated predictable ending.  Top Cow usually doesn't do this so lets hope they do not this time.

I am also very curious as to how this series was rated a T+?  Being an adult I don't normally look at ratings but with the sexual content I think it should be a little higher.  13 and up?  Seems young to me, or maybe I am just getting too old.

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  1. I also feel awful for Gleason, her boyfriend... burned twice by the same guy.


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