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Off Topic: Circus Classes and Wrist Woes...

Still not feeling well.  But you know when you have something to say but because of how people are on social media you can't exactly go ahead and say it?  One of those.  I want the opinions of people outside of the center of the issue but those involved in the issue would be available to view this and whatever else I have to say.  So I am going to work it out in writing.  Funny how doing this sorts things out for me sometimes.

Me on Static Trapeze
I love taking my circus classes.  It started with flying trapeze and turned into static trapeze.  I took a break from flying because of reasons I won't disclose but I am still not sure if I will start flying again and if I do I might take my first swings back next season at NY Trapeze Chelsea Piers, because who doesn't want to fly the Hudson River at least once?  Bring it!

Trapeze has been both a fun adventure and a therapeutic experience for me.  It's helped me get over my last relationship and move forward into being a strong individual.  Flying, in particular, clears my head in the same manner that yoga or even reading does.  It's a huge stress reducer for me.  Trapeze has also been my gateway into cosplay and costuming as well.  It's always great when one hobby leads into another and in this case reenforces my love for attending comic conventions.   Sort of like a circle of hobbies that keep bumping into each other and building off one another.

Check out this ridiculousness
Last winter when my Static Trapeze classes went on a break I started having pain and clicking in my left wrist.  So I wound up getting an xray and MRI and there is a cyst in the joint which I still have to go to a specialist to have looked at.  While my Static classes were on break I decided to start taking some pole dancing classes because it just looks like FUN.  It is a lot of fun and it's a crazy work out.  If you take a class with me it's pretty funny.  For some strange reason I stick to the pole when most people slide and if your supposed to stick I slide.  Side spins are really funny because I wind up sideways on the pole like a koala bear and not sideways on the floor where I am supposed to be.  I was working on learning a third grip position for spins and because of the weight distribution in pole I found out quickly afterwards that my wrist was very angry with me.  In class a few times I had to drop off the pole mid swing because of sharp pain.  It's kind of like a sudden knife slicing through the inside of your arm.  I stopped taking classes on the basis of wrist aggravation, but I can still do some basic spins which can be fun at party.  Yay, for party tricks!  I can't play beer pong to save my life but I can spin!

Anyway, Static classes resumed this fall for a short period, but my schedule was so crazy with cosplay things that I only made it to two classes.  I was worried about my wrist since pole had aggravated it and it had begun to bother me after classes had stopped earlier in the year.  Turns out after Static Class my wrist feels BETTER.  The big difference is the weight distribution and anytime my weight is on one side (for a turn) it's always on the right and not the left.  I also notice my wrist starts bugging me when I am stressed.  I think Static also improves the flexibility in my wrist and the strength.

Anyway, I haven't had classes in over a month because they are back on a break being in-between seasons now and my wrist is killing me.  I do inventory at work.  I carry around a binder with all my order forms and it has some weight to it.  I write right handed so the book is in the left on my bad wrist.  After inventory today I walked by another department to ask a question and a friend pulled me aside asking if I was doing the robot with my one hand.  I was trying to work out the stiffness and pain from holding the book.  This doesn't happen when I am taking classes regularly.

I am very loyal to my teachers and even though I really want to continue my classes with the same teachers their schedule is pretty crazy right now and I don't foresee classes starting soon.  I need to get my butt into some kind of circus class now even if it's for just one day.  I can deal with the pain but it's rather annoying and if I can fix it with out surgery or medications I would much rather do that.  I get emails from a few different circus schools and companies.  I finally emailed one of them back today.  This school does not have Static classes, even though the head teacher does teach it.  But that is sort of good because maybe I can learn something new and not be cheating on my static teacher.  I don't know this new schools lingo and the classes are labeled funny.  So I emailed the teacher for clarification.   Because of my pole experience I don't think I can handle corde lisse (or spanish web).  I am not a fan of silks, but if that's part of the class I can do it and I sure it will help.  I am also wondering if part of it is hammock.  After watching hammock a few times I think it's something I could definitely do.  I get confused on silk and hammock looks like a cross between silk and static.  It also could involve cloud swing which looks like a cross between hammock and static.  I know that the classes are not hoop or static.

They also have BARRE classes!!!!!!  Barre, I think, is going to be a fad work out even though I am sure it really is amazing.  It was created on the heels of Swan Lake because every female wants a ballerina body after seeing that film (personally, too skinny).  So barre class from what I understand is a workout based on ballet.  It sounds like it would be fun to take a class, but like pole I am not sure how beneficial it would be to my wrist.  I have a feeling barre would not aggravate it but I doubt it would help improve it in the way acrobatics does.

I am hoping to try out some different acrobatics at this new school and take their yoga class that is wonderfully two hours before and when Static resumes return back to Static.  What's nice is they are both in the city on Sunday's.  I think they are both in Brooklyn as well, even nicer.

Anyway, I hope the teacher gets back to me.  I sent her a lengthy email discussing my wrist and asking exactly what this class is, where, and how much it costs.  She has a lot of pay what you can classes as well.  It's kind of a mayday email, because I was not happy with how awkward my wrist robot was today.  I have to remember to wear the stupid brace again.  I am also hoping I don't get scolded for cheating.  ;o)

This is my favorite youtube of corde lisse. This girl is bad ass!

And this is Hammock. This is the best youtube I could find. :o) Enjoy!

If anyone out here in Suffolk County, NY is interested in taking Pole Classes the school I was going to is Shimmy Simmy Dance Studio in Medford, NY.  They also have chair dance, belly dance, zumba, kettle bells, and burlesque classes. They hold lots of events on the weekends. This past Sunday they had a pole Halloween party for students, but about once a month they have a Boudoir Pin Up Photo Shoot and posing classes among other special classes. They also have birthday and bachlorette parties.  I wish they had a yoga class.  Hint Hint...

If anyone is wondering why I don't plug my trapeze schools, it is for privacy reasons. As much as I would love to and probably will at some point in the future I don't want to post my weekly whereabouts so publicly. However, if you are in NYC, the 5 boroughs or Long Island and are interested in that information shoot me an email. :o)

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  1. It's open level play with interdisciplinary classes and donation based. So awesome.

    Static, Lyra, Cloud Swing, Silks and Corde Lisse. :o)


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