Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and Brony's....

Hey everybody!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know I did this year.  I spent mine with an old girl friends family that I haven't seen in forever.  This is someone who was with me through a big rough patch of my life and the most fun times as well.  I practically lived with her at one point and somewhere along the line we just when off to do our own thing.  Between now and then a lot of major life events have happened to both of us but it was yet another experience no time had really passed.  Except this time I am not attempting to sleep on the bathroom floor and having her drag me out every ten minutes when I sneak in while she is trying to sleep.  I had a great time catching up with her and her family while talking to some new friends as well.

I was very happy with the feedback I received on my previous post.  I have not had any negative feedback, but my favorite of all the feed back was when a friend called me on Thanksgiving to thank me for writing it.  It inspired this person to start looking for their birth parents.  I had no idea this person was adopted and if you have told me before I am very sorry I had forgotten, but I would like to thank you for letting me inspire you.  That phone call made me very happy.

So today because nothing else appears to be going on in the comic world (or maybe its just that I haven't read any books lately) lets bring on the PONIES!

I love My Little Pony.  I was HUGE fan as a kid.  I had Barbies and I liked them, but the ponies were where it was at for me.  Particularly the baby ponies and Firefly.  At one point I actually gave them all away to a younger friend of mine.  Until college when I started buying second hand on the evil eBay.  Little by little I collected a big collection of baby ponies again which I eventually lost in a storage issue.  Basically they were in storage and I was in college, my account wound up past due, and they sold my unit.  I was able to recover a lot from the unit.  I found the guy that bought it on eBay, because the storage place will not give out that information.  I have those kinds of research skills apparently.  I got quite a few items back but I lost the ponies, my art supplies, and two poetry books I made in High School that I really wish I still had.  I hand sewed the pages and each page had my artwork on it.

So I gave up my pony collection because I wasn't about to start over.  Until now.  I bought Doodles and Noodles on eBay last week and I bet they are at my PO Box now waiting for me.  It was a good deal.  I am picky about what I pay because I know how to clean them.  As long as the hair isn't destroyed I am good to go, because I am not about to start re-rooting or trying to re-curl like I used to when I had more patience and time.  I never re-rooted hair though.

As I made this decision, I also started buying the new ponies, but only the Friendship is Magic toys.  As of now I have Wave 1.  I am short one pony on Wave 2 and two ponies on Wave 3.  I only have 1 of Wave 4, but she was bought because I wasn't sure which she was from.  I am keeping them all in their boxes and using little photo hooks to hang them on the wall in my makeshift closet, sewing, whatever room.  It works well since the walls are bare in there minus tread and the rotary tools.

So on Facebook I have a few friends that love the new Friendship is Magic series and I admit for a bit I thought wow that's kind of sad.  I had all the old My Little Pony shows on a collector set but I sold it because even though I loved it was a kid watching now it's not awful but definitely not something to watch as an adult.  I was even just trying to you tube some episodes, definitely not watchable for me right now.  After one friend went on gushing about it and then another friend announced their brony status I decided to take a look.

The new show is pretty awesome actually.  The personalities of the ponies and the way they are animated are so enjoyable to watch.  On top of the fact they are pretty hilarious.  My favorite pony so far is Rainbow Dash followed by Fluttershy and Apple Jack.  I absolutely LOVE that they kept Spike!  I have only seen a few episodes of season 2 and I am just starting to watch season 1.  I love that they made a reference to Moon Dancer and that Apple Jack is from the original series.  Rainbow Dash reminds me a lot of Firefly which is probably why I like her.  Firefly was my favorite as a little kid.  I remember I had the toy and I would bring it everywhere until we went to my step-dads bosses house and I left it there by mistake and my favorite pony was gone until she was re-released years later.  I am sure there are references to more of the original characters in the personalities but I have yet to figure that out.  Though I do think Fluttershy is similar to Melody.  Obviously Apple Jack is pretty much the same.

It's really a fun show.  The animation reminds me of the Power Puff Girls and Fairy Odd Parents.

So anyway, I am a brony.  I always was so it really isn't quite that shocking now is it?  And since, I have seen more friends fall to this pony epidemic of madness!

Here is a youtube of season one.  It's a play list but I am not sure how that works in embedding since this is the first time I am trying it.  Episode one is very introductory, but it gets better as the episode rolls on.  Leave you biases at the door and take a look.

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