Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update on the Veggie Monster

Hi everyone!

I know my posts have been getting fewer and fewer, but I really do have to slow down even more.  It's a good thing not much seems to be going on for me convention wise.

I have been sick since September with Epstein Barr and I was told at the time this would last about three months and each month sent for blood work to check where the antibodies levels are.  Basically they cross each other if you had a graph with the levels and the left side measures the levels say 1 to 20 and the bottom measures time.  One antibody starts at level 20 and the other at 1 and they cross paths and flip flop.  When I first had blood work done they had yet to cross paths and I tested negative for mono and positive for EBV.  I just had my second round of blood work done almost two months later and the antibodies haven't moved and now I am positive for mono too.

I had this fear that the B12 was making me feel better and alert, but that I might not actually be getting better.  On top of it now I  have a wicked cough, congestion, and what I think is swollen tonsils making it suck to sleep.  Hence me being awake at 6am this morning.  This is extremely rare for me.  So basically I am miserable and not getting any better.  I have to rest but it's difficult to do so.

I was advised to get more rest but that's all I am really doing with the occasional chore and little outings.  I have been seeing some friends that I haven't seen in awhile but nothing to strenuous.  The next few weeks, however, are going to be something completely different.  I am going to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular for the very first time, The Big Apple Circus for the first time, and an aerial show my friend is performing in.  All in the city all with in ten days of each other.  I also have two fund raisers between now and then to attended and a holiday party.  I think my doctor is going to murder me after the next two weeks or maybe I will be found napping in St. Patrick's.

All the she keeps telling me is rest, B12, B- Complex, and lots of veggies.  Anyone that knows me knows I am a veggie monster.  I love my veggies so passionately that people tend to think I am a vegetarian.  At work when lunch comes I am foaming at the mouth for vegetables so stuffing my face with greens really is not an issue, because I do it anyway.  Though lately I don't have much of an appetite.

The good thing is mono is a great way to get people to leave your food alone!  We started selling Peppermint Mocha Lattes yesterday and I had two of them iced.  On my second on someone suggested stealing it from me to drink it and I said "sure go ahead I am really trying to not share my mono but hey if you want it by all means go right ahead."  Then I got a look and something along the lines of being cold, but hey they left my latte alone!  ;o)

Well I am signing off and either going to work early or going to the store for more yarn because I can't do much and playing on the knitting loom is keeping me sane.  I swear I actually made two scarves yesterday and three last night.  I going to have to find a charity to donate them too.

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