Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Harry Potter Weekend...

Hello boys and girls!  I just wanted to take a moment to check in quickly.  I have been a touch busy lately and the EBV has taken a toll on me again.  I missed my B12 two days in a row and today, but I am not sure if I can blame it on that alone.  Yesterday I slept in until 3pm and was dead tired by 9pm.  I attempted to write a blog yesterday about Locks of Love, but I was a bit too out of it to do so.

Anyway, ABC Family was having a Harry Potter weekend and Thursday night I stumbled across it.  Each night Thursday through Sunday they played a Harry Potter film in order starting with The Chamber of Secrets.  Okay, maybe they started Wednesday since the first one was the Philosophers Stone and not The Chamber of Secrets.  This was wonderful for me because I had no idea where I left off with these films.  Turns out I actually had seen the first five movies.  There are so many I lost track of where I was.

I watched the Goblet of Fire Saturday night and I kept looking at Cedric and thinking wow he looks a lot like Robert Patterson, but it can't be because this actor is really good.  Then  got curious as to who the actor was and check IMDB and well it is Patterson.  Turns out he can act.  Huh.  I was interested in seeing Water For Elephants because of the circus/carnival setting, but maybe it will be better then I expected.  I am going to say this has to do with the Twilight films being poor film adaptations.  I know they are well loved by many and loathed by just as many.  I fall somewhere in the middle.

I did read the entire Twilight series and I loved it.  The books are amazing.  I didn't care for New Moon though, maybe werewolves just are not my thing.  So I was excited to see the movie when I finally watched it and hated it.  I have only seen Twilight and about half of New Moon, I couldn't finish New Moon.  Then again I didn't like the book either.  I really just think the movies are awful.  I am not exactly sure what's wrong with them.  I can't blame the actors anymore since Patterson clearly can act and Stewart was amazing in The Runaways.  If you haven't seen The Runaways you need to.  It's so good.  I was playing Joan Jet for a good month after seeing it.  Anyway, back to Twilight, for such a money maker you would think the film adaptations would be better carried out.  The books are not PG13 if you ask me and maybe that's where the problem is.  The books are dark, political, and sexual and not something I would expect a parent to be thrilled their 14 year old is reading.  But the movies need to be PG13 for the fan base to be able to see them in the theaters.  I read that Stewart had to re-shoot her bedroom scene because she was thrusting too much for PG13.  I just took a look through the directors of the films and it's interesting that each movie/book has a different director.

Twilight was on TV recently and I guess because I read the books almost two years ago I actually found the movie enjoyable as a separate entity.  Definitely not as a great film though.  I am very interested in seeing Breaking Dawn believe it or not.  It's a pretty crazy story.  I am sure the adult themes will be dumbed down though.  In the meantime here is a you tube video my friend Brian posted on my facebook page and it is wonderful. Enjoy! I will now resume knitting and probably fall asleep before I start.  Yes, knitting.  I have a long loom and I make scarves though I have had this loam two years and have only made four.  I am a slow knitter.  Oh well.

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  1. okay maybe titling this a harry potter weekend is a bit misleading but Potter is what lead me to the Twilight talk. And I watched movies 2 through 5 during the ABC Family run.


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