Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Birthday and a Bunny...

Yesterday was my 31st birthday.  Go me.  I have made it to 31.  Rejoice!

I have a love/hate relationship with birthdays.  I actually don't mind birthdays at all.  I just always wish for ones where I get to see people involved in my life and it's very rare that I get to do that.  Last year I tried to have a shindig for my 30th and it just kept falling apart so in the end I wound up spending my day in NYC with two college friends, light dinner, and a burlesque show.  In the end, I was very disappointed at how it had unfolded and I was literally crying on my way home.  Because of last year I have vowed to not attempt to make plans anymore and just do my own thing because I would rather be content in what I chose for myself then disappointed year after year.

This year I chose to go to The Big Apple Circus!  I have never been before and I picked up a ring side seat that was amazing!  The Big Apple Circus is a one ring show and pretty small and cozy had I bought tickets for the seats in the back I still would have been able to see everything perfectly fine.  I am a big kid though so I wanted to be up close for my first experience at the show!

It really is a great show.  In the last year I have been to Zarkana and the Coleman Brothers.  I have been to Barnum and Bailey years ago as well and this show is by far my favorite.  It's interactive in a manner that other shows cannot achieve.  The clowns are also not typical clowns.  They are presented in a less frightening manner where they appear as people with exaggerated features or actions.  In fact, it took me a bit to decide two of the performers were clowns.  Grandma was excellent.  It's no wonder Grandma is so well loved.  The water fight and the Unforgettable duet were my favorites of her acts and both interactive with the audience.

As for the acts they had some excellent jump ropers and acrobatics.  During the acrobatics act they had quite a few hiccups which hurt to see.  As a student, I know how hard these tricks really are and how dangerous they can be if performed incorrectly.  There was one flier that was having a tough day because no matter which base he was on he kept falling and for the most part falling with style but still in a way where it was obviously not part of the act.

I can't say enough great things about Corde Lisse.  I love watching cord.  Love it.  I could watch it all day long.  Especially if their is a male performing it.  To me it's a very masculine aerial.  However, it can be feminine and in the show it was a female.  She was amazing.  However, she had a lot of help floating around the ring with the rope being pulled up and down from lines.  I don't believe she actually climbed the rope once.

Oh and the fliers!  I was so excited about the flying trapeze!  The ladder and rope was actually temporarily attached to the structure I was seated in front of.  So the ladder was actually hanging above my head.  This made me giddy.  Zarkana had some great fliers but I think The Big Apple Circus' fliers were better.  The Coleman Brothers can't compete at all.  They had three female fliers, one male, and one female child.  All of them were perfect.  The one and only mess up was when the male flier dismounted and attempted to bounce back up and catch the bar for a second dismount.  He missed the bar.  The little girl threw an amazing layout that I am quite jealous of.  One of the females threw a perfect shooting star and I was sitting on the side where I could actually see the star.  One day, this is my flying goal, I would like to be able to throw and catch a shooting star.  One day.

I really loved the show.  I don't think I could have picked a better show to see today. 

I also spend a lot of time walking around the city.  I stopped by my girlfriends apartment who happens to be one of my college friends that I met up with last year on my birthday.  She was unaware it was my birthday and I got to meet her six month old baby girl!

I went to the Tree again and Saint Patrick's, both of which I did last year.  I also walked to FAO Schwartz, Macy's, Manhattan Mall, Times Square, Disney Times Square, Toys R Us Times Square, and Mercury Bar.  If you have any idea where these are located you know I covered a lot of ground today and a lot of it was back and forth.  My girlfriend lives on the lower east side too.  I walked to her and everywhere else except to the Lincoln Center.  Normally I would have taken the subway to Lincoln Center, but I had an hour to get to the show so I grabbed the first cab I could find.

FAO Schwartz is no where near as fun as it used to be.  Before Toys R Us Times Square came along FAO Schwartz was the toy store.  Today, it looks empty and fragile.  Not only that but most of their stocked product is stocked in Toys R Us for less.  I know they renovated the store a few years ago but they removed the classic components like the big foot keyboard.  I also remember them having an amazing Barbie section and the stuffed animal section being out of this world.  I did come across a one stuffed animal I almost picked up.  It was a baby giraffe with the big fluffy black eyelashes.  So cute, but I didn't do it.  I actually did not buy anything today minus food, the cab, and my program from the circus.  Oh and even though I went into a total of four toy stores not one had Cherilee.  I will just have to eBay her.

At the end of my day, I attended a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Fundraiser that was being held by one of my girlfriends who is actually the lady on the Spanish Web in my "Giving Back" post.  It definitely was a fun event.  She was there and another one of my friends came as well.  Neither of which I have seen much of recently so I enjoyed being able to catch up with them and it was a great experience to have on my birthday.  Nothing like ending the night with a few good friends and some new ones by attending a very successful fundraiser.  The Appletini's helped also.  My one girlfriend happens to take the same train as me so I also had company coming home.

All in all I have to say today was a very good day considering.  I got a bit upset at the beginning of the circus.  Something about being there alone and families and schools surrounding me got to me.  The lady sitting next to me was adorable.  I am going to say she was Serbian judging by the accent because she sounded like my friends mama.  But she had the cutest reaction to all the tricks and it made the show that much better.

I also decided today that the best time to be in Manhattan is early morning.  I woke up very early (thanks to my computer updating and restarting) and took one of the early express trains in.  This gave me time to visit my friend, but from that moment up until I was at the circus the city was so quiet and relaxing.  It's that time of day where everything seems sleepy and drowsy.  Yet I tend to come in later because I avoid the peak trains like everyone else.  The early morning weekday is the time to be there.

Next year should be interesting because it falls on a Friday... Maybe if I plan now people will show up!  lol

I am going to go and probably edit this tomorrow with pictures once I have finished with them, but for now I am going to bed curled up with my bunny.  A wonderful idea brought on by a wonderful friend.  Bunny!!!!!

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