Sunday, December 18, 2011

A continuation of the previous post...

I know I said I would update the previous post but instead here is a new one.

I can't help but say I had the best birthday week ever.  I am glad it's over though.  It's been tiring.  Throughout the week I got to see people I care about and hear from others that are not local.  The people I got to see are also people I don't get to see much of meaning not work friends or others that I may or may not see some what regularly.  Seeing people really means a lot to me.  I am not sure if this is a December thing or not but it does.  So thank you to those folks.

I have already chatted about the events leading up to Wednesday but since then I have been doing a lot of work on coordinating United Way donations, I had a night of drunken silliness with an old friend and a movie night last night with two more.  All tied up the end of the week quite nicely and today I have been getting some things done while watching holiday movies.  If this were last year there is no way I would be watching holiday movies.  Funny how we change.

Anyway, I edited my photos from Wednesday and I sent the photo share email out and after the fact (of course) picked up on some grammatical errors.  Whoops.  But hey I picked up on a big on on the trapeze email that went out this week so I am not alone.

The Big Apple Circus

Tonner Dolls in FAO Schwartz

$25,000 Barbie Fuseball Table in FAO Schwartz

Toys R Us Pony Cart on the Ferris Wheel

Brony cart again

Massive Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families

Toys R Us Legos

If you would like to see more of my pictures click here

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