Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flashback 5 years: Mariah-Magic.com

So I am awake because I took a long nap earlier and I am having a nostalgic moment.  I used to run a website back when I was in my early days of college.  I actually ran a few mini sites through geocites and one major site with a sub-site.  Wait for it...

I was a huge Mariah Carey fan growing up.  I am still a fan but not like I used to be.  I ran a fan site and the sub-site was a massive photo site.  The site was up from 1999 until about 2006 when it got to be too much for me with work and things going on in my life to run the site the way I wanted too.  I also worked with html coding and at the time sites were switching over to css and java.  I didn't have the time or mental capacity to try to learn new coding.  I still don't.  Nor do I have an interest, but my html knowledge from running that site is very helpful on this blog when the "compose" function is not working the way I would like it to.

Anyway, I created everything on the site from the design to wall papers.  I still have all the files from the site.  Everything.  All the html pages (with the exception of the news page), almost all the screen captures of designs, wall paper, photo files, video files, banner, games, aim icons, avatars, banners, etc.  To put it lightly I spent a lot of time working on that site.  I even had a coding system down for the photos.  A system I still utilize for my personal photos. 

Basically the files look like this...
s93-01-01 => meaning studio, 1993, set 1, photo1
04-04-26-01-05 => 2004, April, 26th, outfit/set 1, photo 5

It just helped when you went to add something.  Much easier to find where to put it in the html coding and when the files popped up they were all in order.  I never had to go looking too far.

I miss the editing skills I had back then.  I used an extremely basic FREE program called Jasc which is now a part of Corel.  I actually use Corel now but the editing is much different and I was able to work with Jasc much better.

Here are some flashbacks...

 Last Site Design Template

Desktop Wallpaper
This is still one of my favorite shots
 oh... for anyone that has seen my hip butterfly tattoo, it's that butterfly.  My two tattoo represent poignant pieces of my life.  The butterfly was the first one.  It's girly, represents change, and it happened to be MC's logo who was a large part of my youth.  My second tattoo says "Quod me nutrit destruit" which means "what nourishes me destroys me."  If you know me you can figure out the multiple meanings of that one.  Continuing on...

Another Template Design

As I am flipping through the files and I can't help but think of ways to improve and other things I could have done with the site.  I do miss running it.  It was a fun productive piece of creativity.  Looking through this kind of makes me want to reopen it, but as a "vintage" site.  There were actually two sub-sites, one for the photos and one for articles called Articles and Transcripts.  Those and the massive cover art section were my focuses and who knows maybe something focused on pre-Nick Cannon?  Regardless, it won't happen anytime soon.

Cover Art Gems

The reason all of these were altered is for sale in Arabic countries.  I find them interesting.

And the very last of the Mariah flashback that I am going to share is that myself and my friend Erica were picked to be audience members for MTV's Shining Through The Rain Special back in 2002.  Erica was not a fan and still isn't but she did enjoy the show.  We were both seated in the second row to the left of the stage and it was a great experience.  I mean, it was fun.  I was 21 going to a free MTV taping in NYC to listen to my favorite singer.  The in-between song moments were the best though because it was a different type of audience then a typical concert crowd and in an intimate setting.  In-between during hair fixes and makeup checks she chatted with everyone.  Because of being at the show I don't think I could ever not like her.  She is really very personable and very devoted to her fans.
Can you see me behind the credits?

Second row, blonde hair, can you see me?
Good night, Good morning...

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