Saturday, December 10, 2011

Giving Back During the Holidays...

Today I went to New York City to see not only one (like I thought), but two of my girlfriends perform acrobatics at a non-denominational holiday show.  The proceeds benefit underserved children so that they too can find their own unique identities learning circus arts.

I only wish I had the opportunity to study circus arts as a child.  I took a summer gymnastics class and loved it.  Speaking from my own experience studying something so unique and rarely heard of is an amazing discussion topic and it definitely helped me find a niche and bloom as an individual.  So the idea of giving that to another human being tall or small is wonderful.

This season I have been doing a lot of donation drives.  Last weekend I donated some toys to a friend running a Toys For Tots.  Wednesday I will be attending a fundraiser for sheltered animals and donating some new dog toys.  Later on this week I will be dropping off more toys at another friends home for donation to a children's hospital.  I also help coordinate Adopt a Family with vendor donations at work.

I am thrilled to be able to give back this year.  When many people are consumed with dropping loads of cash on big ticket items, I am spending my hard earned cash on people I don't even know and I don't have much cash to share but I prefer giving back in anyway I can and any time of the year if I can.

When this time of year comes around I am always reminded of how for a few years my family was one of the families selected to receive these donations.  I distinctly remember being in 6th grade and having strangers knock on the door to drop of food and stuffed animals.  I didn't realize why these people were giving us food, but I was happy to have it regardless.  As you can imagine, it wasn't very often we had food in the house but it never really occurred to me that it wasn't there.  This is probably why I have such awful eating habits, why frozen peas are my comfort food, and why I love eating tons of vegetables at once.

Anyway, it's just nice to give back after having been given to.  Here are two videos of my friends performances. My lady friends are both beautiful and talented, so take a look and let them know you enjoyed it!

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