Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hasbro... what on earth are you trying to do...

Hasbro, I have a little bone to pick with you...

I have been collecting the Friendship is Magic My Little Ponies.  Before this evening, I owned fifteen of the eighteen that have been released.  Upon my trip home from New York City I decided to pop into one of my local Wal-Marts.  The one that usually has them in stock since all the other stores have the empty racks for them with no ponies.  Immediately I noticed both Flitterheart and Applejack.  Flitterheart was one of my missing three, so obviously I purchased her.  Applejack I already own, but Applejack now has a mini DVD blocking the view of Applejack.  The DVD blocking her is annoying as a collector but I think it's a really cute addition for a child and an added bonus for a parent to purchase.  Me, always thinking like a marketer. 

When I started looking through the ponies I realized they all have the DVD's.  All ponies of all waves.  Annoying since I am missing two more.  But what made me get really annoyed was when I noticed they all have the EXACT SAME DVD and because the DVD is blocking the pony it's obvious.  Each and every one from all the waves has the DVD titled "The Ticket Master."  This boggles my mind because if you're adding a DVD to each pony as an added bonus with over 30 episodes on hand why on earth would all 18 ponies have the exact same episode?  No parent or child needs 18 copies of the same episode.  Seriously!

So what you have created as an added bonus is now just trash accumulation.  You don't even attempt to hide the fact that it's the same DVD by putting it behind the pony where the label would be less obvious.

I think this is a very plausible annoyance and I am not even annoyed for myself.  This is why I should have gone into toy marketing like I wanted to, but no I went into buying and event management instead.  I should have stuck with toys even if it was just sales or in Buffalo because they really need some help in the strategy department.

and of COURSE this is one of the ponies I am missing... her and Cheerilee.

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  1. Just to add more fuel to this stupidness, I was in Target today (among some other places) and I noticed the new DVD with two episodes. Which episodes you ask? Oh THE TICKET MASTER and another one. Really????? Why is Hasbro pushing that particular episode? It's silly of them.


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